Sunday, May 18, 2008

Michael Contreras' Graduation

This has been a BIG month in Contreras family history. As you may recall, Andy and Jenn got engaged in Rome on April 17th and now Michael graduated from California State University - Channel Islands with a major in History on May 17th!

Mike's check-in point was MALIBU Hall! Coincidence?

Mike entering the South Quad Lawn

No, not the dreaded "J Twice" sign!

"What a beautiful day to be graduating from college!"

Except that if you are a graduate wearing a black robe, in the 90 degree sun with no shade, while 1,089 names of fellow graduates are read off it might get a little toasty! Fortunately for his fan base, there was shade for Mike's spectators!

The Diploma makes it OFFICIAL!

Professor Barajas

One of Mike's guiding lights was Professor Barajas. Thanks for all your encouragement and advice Professor! When the Professor started to praise Mike and the task he had completed I actually teared up but held on, I AM SO PROUD OF MIKE! 

Two VERY PROUD parents!

Jenn, Andy, me, Mike, my sister Linda, Laurie and the lovely Vanessa

You HAVE to have cake at a moment like this, maybe two in fact!

War stories on the front lawn of Casa Contreras

Jack Brucker with Andy and Jenn's dog Dooley

Jack wanted to take Dooley home with him, Laurie I wanted to keep Jack with us! Jack is Sandy and Loren Brucker's grandson, they were Laurie's and my college roommates.

The Bruckers and the Contreras Families

The Hicks Family

The Hicks are Laurie's sister's family, nice shot of David's back on the left.

Michael Contreras
California State University - Channel Islands
Class of 2008
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History

Next up for Mike is the Teaching Credential / Masters Degree Program starting in the fall at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California.



Anonymous said...

YEA!! Congratulations Michael!! What a wonderful day!! I had so much fun and we are all so happy for Michael!! Round two begins this fall at CLU!!

Good News Everybody said...

Congratulations to Mike and the whole Contreras family! Glad to hear that everyone is healthy and things are looking so good for everyone.

Ted Rust

amada said...

Hello George Michael. I am Amada Ruiz de Villa, your cousin from Cuba who now lives in North Carolina. I am a physician and have practiced in Roanoke Rapids for 25 years. I happened to look for you on the web because of a website called where I have joined the family effort to build a genealogy tree. I would like to invite you to join and bring along your very extended family , if you want to join. We are trying to go back as far as possible, while including forward as many members as we can. It would be very nice to reconnect this way. My email is Let me know. You look good in your photos and so does Laurie. Give her a hug from me and tell her I still remember her trying to teach me how to pronounce chocolate in English. Amada