Thursday, May 1, 2008

Italian Labor Day

May 1st is the National Holidy of Labor Day here in Italy. Ours has been a quiet day on upper patio in Malibu reflecting on all the great things that the Italian labor force has done to make our Sicilian Adventure so much fun...THANKS PEOPLE!!!

Claudio Mangano, Elephants Wide Receiver

Claudio is a man of many names, including The Sheriff, Il Naturale and now, The Duke of Catania. Claudio is SO FAST that even in this picture he is hard to focus on...Mr. Perpetual Motion!

Gorgonzola and Crudo Pizza...WOW!!!

We went out to dinner on Tuesday night at this great pizzeria in Aci Trezza.

Mattieu, Elena, Giordana and Gustavo at Pelligrino's

Typical Sicilian Parking Job

Jason is kind of handsome when he is not mugging for the camera

Wednesday is Playa Beach's
"Public Display of Affection Day"

Got this in the mail on Tuesday

After a lot of perseverance and hard work our youngest son Michael is graduating from Cal State Channel Islands! I plan on flying back to California during our BYE Week to attend the Commencement Exercise.

YAHOO, Laurie and I are very proud of and excited for him!!!

I LOVE that I can buy a bottle of Havana Club here anytime I want, Jason is happy about it too.

A Cuban Guarantee of Authenticity

Can you see the sailboat?

The view from Malibu's upper patio on Labor Day was nice.

What better way to end Labor Day than a Internet session at the Grand Hotel Baia Verde in Aci Castello!


DPLassen said...

I'm betting Havana Club consumption is up for the defensive coordinator after a 20-touchdown game.

George said...

WAY UP thank you!