Monday, May 12, 2008

Scenes from the Palermo Sharks Game

A BIG thanks to Dale and Wei, our visitors from Canada who are good friends with Jason and Christie, for taking  a whole bunch of pictures of our game against the Sharks in Palermo yesterday.

I love our team picture that captures the spirit of the Elephants for me, hope you enjoy these great action shots.

The 2008 Elephants Catania, American Football Team

Our workhorse RB, Enrico Lombardo, #37 or #33 depending on which set of jersey numbers you are viewing.

Katerina, our sideline ref every game, only had to tell me to get back one time this week...


Fabio "The Foca" Russo going all out!

Brandon Bennett applying heat to the Palermo QB


Mario Ravida's key 4th Down broken up pass at the end of the game near our goal line.

Me and our greatly improved rookie CB
Massimiliano "Smitty" Garipoli

Brandon, right, protecting Jason

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