Friday, May 2, 2008

Heather Linderman Ad of the Day Contest

Please post your votes to the blog to help Heather decide on a winner. 

Today's Nominations in what is quickly becoming a highlight of every Sicilian's week,
"The Heather Linderman Ad of the Day Contest":

Nominated by a Curva Nord crazy!

Nominated by Christie Chorley

Anonymous Nomination

Another Anonymous Nomination

The War on Cellulite NEVER Sleeps!

Sicilians LOVE their shoes and so do I!


Unknown said...

Have to go with Christie's choice. She has such good taste.


George said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
George said...

That's what ALL the ladies keep saying!

Loren Brucker said...

I vote for the first anonymous nomination, but, I'm confused. Christie's nominations never seem to make any sense to me. Do you have any explanation for that George?

DPLassen said...

Oh, yeah, I get named so the Swiss Guards can throw up a dragnet, but when you take a picture, it's "anonymous."

Have a great time in the Cinque Terre. (In your honor, I'm wearing my Cinque Terre T-shirt today, purchased in Vernazza.) Just be prepared for the fact that the seafood specialties at the restaurants there tend to be offered only for parties of two, so either be prepared to go deeper on the menu or to leave a lot of food for the well-fed cats which tend to congregate around said restaurants.

Avoiding the specialty is not necessarily a bad thing. At Ristorante Belvedere, a table next to me ordered the amfora bel vedere, a seafood stew; it came in a huge clay pot and included a whole lobster and a whole octopus, among other ingredients. I would not have any idea what you eat and don't eat when served an intact octopus.

Anyway, have a great time.

hollyj said...

Hi George! Christie just seems to have the "eye for the special guys"!! That's why she hangs with you guys! Anyway, don't you think you and Jason could get some side work being photographed for some billboards?? I'd vote for you...but until then, my vote is for Christie's! Hey, it's almost another GAME DAY! Go Elephantis! Or is it Elephantis go!!!! JJ's mom

Gayleannie said...

Good choice. Keep up the good work.

George said...


It would appear that Christie's nomination is the popular choice, not that we are trying to influence you at all.

The Lindermans said...

Alright ladies.....the votes are in....and I'm going to have to AGREE!!! Christie's nomination won again...I just really like that guy's necklaces! ;)

We will call it "NECKLACE MAN"

P.S. Necklaces mean "abs" in Italian ;)

JTwice said...

George... is it to late to vote for Curva Nord?

Also, why haven't you been posting??? Have aliens taken the computer?

Or is the Cinque Terra really SO NICE that it could, dare I say, even keep George from Blogging?

Can't wait to see my fisheye tonight, oh yeah, and you too!

j. twice