Friday, January 13, 2023

CYBA Basketball Season Begins With a WIN!

Tues.-Thurs., January 3-12, 2023

Most of these past days have continued to be comprised of the near daily, 2 1/2 hours round trip drives to Pasadena to visit with my Mother in her skilled care facility. She continues to have good days and some bad moments but is resting comfortably overall.

A late Christmas present from
Lyon, France

We received a Care Package from Olivier and his Father Georges, the former owner and chef, respectively, at our favorite old dining spot in Lyon, Sophie's.

Delicious French chocolates and a jar of as to be unnamed and forbidden foodstuff were both AWESOME!


If you've ever been to Lisbon
then you MUST have had the traditional
Portuguese pastry called natas

I discovered on-line that this bakery specializing in natas exists in Sherman Oaks near my daily route on the Ventura Freeway to Pasadena.

I decided to stop off on the way home one day to pick up a few delicious natas to share with Laurie for breakfast the next day.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I found the spot closed with a note in the window stating that they are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Interesting yellow barked
tree in Pasadena

Jacob reading the morning
Ventura County Star

On Saturday, his Wildcats opened the
2023 Camarillo Youth Basketball Association
(CYBA) season against the Buckeyes
at Camarillo H.S.

Jacob is #5, third from the left.

He seemed to have a fun time

Setting a pick

Contesting a Buckeye's shot

Full court basketball involves
LOTS of running!



Driving to the hoop

A clutch free throw with four seconds
left in the game by one of the Wildcats
led to a thrilling, come from behind
20-19 victory

The DI IFL is getting closer
to its 2023 season openers

The DII Champion Varese Skorpions will
start the season with a tough one
against the defending DI Champion
Firenze Guelfi on the road on March 5th

The 2023 IFL will be comprised of nine teams with each club playing the other eight teams once in the regular season.

The nine IFL teams this year are:

Ancona Dolphins
Bologna Stainless Steel Warriors
Firenze Guelfi

Lazio Ducks
Legnano Frogs
Milano Rhinos

Parma Panthers
Varese Skorpions
Verona Mastini

All of these clubs will be working to get into the FL Championship game . . .

. . . the 42nd Italian Bowl to be
played in Toledo, Ohio on July 1st

Bologna Stainless Steel Warriors, GREAT name!

The Rams last game of the
season . . .

. . . ended with another loss,
this time in Seattle

The Rams went from 16-5 Super Bowl LVI Champions to 5-12 NFC West Third Place with no post season bid.

Not to worry . . .

. . . there is always Next Year!

In case you want to go to the upcoming Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona on February 12th, here are the current ticket prices for ONE seat found on StubHub:

The cheapest is going for a mere
$5,257 and has an unrestricted view
of the field

For that price, I would expect nothing less!

On the other end of the spectrum

Really? Will someone actually pay $450,000 for a game ticket?

At least the view would be unrestricted again.

The College Championship Game . . .

. . . was a huge dud to say the least,
Georgia (15-0) 65
TCU (13-2) 7

It wasn't as close as the score might indicate.

The Washington Huskies (11-2)
finished 8th in the Final AP Poll

The Complete Final AP Poll

The PAC-12 was represented by six schools:
#8 Washington 11-3
#10 Utah 10-4
#12 USC 11-3
#15 Oregon 10-3
#17 Oregon State 10-3
#21 UCLA 9-4


I resemble this remark!

Reading Is FUNdamental!

Another great read in the
Commissaire Adamsberg series

Especially if you like rival Serbian vampire clans at war with each other and, really, who doesn't.

A new author for me that
was recommended by a librarian
at the Camarillo Public Library

Not earth shaking but a solid read if you like Canadian protagonists fighting the Russian Mafia on their home turf.

Again, who doesn't?

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