Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Waiting for Godot, er, I Mean HUDL

Tuesday, 5 March, 2019

I was again hoping to use the day to breakdown our video of last Sunday's game against the Busto Arsizio Blue Storms, so I stayed at home and checked our HUDL app about every thirty minutes throughout the day but to no avail.

We were having some issues getting the game video to the person that uploads the video to HUDL but I am assured that it will be available tomorrow night.

It's going to be a loooooong night for me on Wednesday to be sure!

I did use the day to clean up the Villa Skorpion II as I will have a good friend visiting on Thursday and Friday, none other than Bart Iaccarino!

Bart wears many hats, among them being the Head Coach of Spain's historic American football club, the L'Hospitalet Pioners who are based in the Barcelona area.

He is also the General Manager of the Europe Warriors American football team that has played three games in Mexico over the last two years which I have had a great time serving on their coaching staff. Last Summer our son Michael joined our staff in Chihuahua, great fun.

He is coming to Varese in the capacity of liaison between members of the Skorpions family and the coaching staff of the NFL's Chicago Bears with an eye on the Bears staff conducting a football camp for players in Italy in Varese this coming June.

That would be awesome!

Our Women's flag team was hard
at work focusing on 1-on-1 drills

Our U17 flag team did lots of team
work tonight

OL Gabriele "Capo" Di Stefano
and his unique practice pants

It was another good, competitive practice.

What more can a coach ask for?

How about some honesty? We have a new, veteran LB, Fabio Stoppa, who played for the DI Bergamo Lions last year. I had added him to Kickoff Return team earlier in the day but he told me that it was not a good idea.

I asked him why not?

His response was that every time he is on that particular team, he winds up blocking someone in the back. That sounded like a good reason to remove him immediately!

"Stoppi," as he is called, did say that he loved having been added to the Kickoff team.

You just have to love life in EuroBall.

Wanderlust Wednesday is tomorrow.

Mantova here I come!

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