Sunday, March 17, 2019

Line Painting, Flag Football Practices and an Italian DII Scouting Assignment

Saturday, 16 March, 2019

As is the norm, American football ruled the day.

But first I needed to get some sustenance at one of my favorite spots, Pasticceria Marabelli.

Temptation abounded at Marabelli's!

I went with the usual cappuccino and a delicious frutti di bosco filled brioche.

My day was off to a good start!

Once back home, I checked the internet for news and found . . .

. . . that the new cover photo of the
Italian DII website featured our own
Skorpion SS Lorenzo Pizzetti being
coached top by DC Daniele Donati

On Sunday, we will host the first Flag football tournament of the 2019 season with our U13, U15 and U17 squads all in action playing multiple games.

That meant that I needed to help
Giorgio Nardi line the three 25 yard
wide flag fields at Skorpion Field

Of course, all three of Sunday's
competing teams had one last
tune-up before Opening Day

Gale Sayers re-incarnate

These three Skorpions are probably too young yet to play in U13 games but they are more than willing to learn about our sport at every opportunity.

The "Coach" setting up his offense

The U15s practicing under the
watchful eye of the official
City Bird of Seattle, the Crane

The famous U17 Bunch formation

Sunday's Skorpion Field menu
looks like another good one!

The shadows were getting longer
and we had to get going as we had
a 6:30 p.m. scouting assignment

While the Skorpions are on a bye week, our opponents for next Saturday's game, the 1-0 Palermo Sharks, were playing at Jungle Field against our crosstown rivals, the 0-2 Varese Gorillas.

We needed to both video record and get first hand impressions of both of these future opponents. 

The Gorillas take their home field

The first of many passes in this game

I was impressed by the athletic ability of both team's QBs tonight.

Just some of the many Skorpion family
members in attendance tonight

Lots of Big Plays and hard
hits tonight as both teams played
with tons of passion

In the end, the Gorillas simply had a little more firepower and took advantage of several of the Sharks' mistakes.

These are both going to be tough
opponents for the Skorpions

On a side note, Italian DII scheduling is, shall we say, unique.

While the Gorillas were playing their third game of the now four weekend old season, members of the Milano Rhinos coaching staff and team were in attendance at the Gorillas-Sharks game basking in their third bye week.

So, the Gorillas have now played three of their eight regular season games while the Rhinos have played only one.

The DII Master Schedule seems a bit odd to me.

Sunday will be a long day at Skorpion Field,
stay tuned . . .

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