Friday, March 15, 2019

Another Day of Teaching American Flag Football to a P.E. Class

Friday, 15 March, 2019

Beware the Ides of March!

Most of my morning consisted of shopping for the next week's worth of supplies with an initial stop at Tonino, my local butcher shop.

When I entered Tonino, I was the only customer in this fun spot and my favorite butcher announced that I was lucky customer number 581 on the day and proceeded to hand me a freshly cut slab of meat to eat on the spot!

He further stated that, had I been customer number 582, there would have been no free food for me.

How much luckier could I get?

From Tonino, it was on to the local Esselunga Supermarket for additional sundries.

Shopping complete, I now prepared for the Big Deal of the Day, another two hour session at our local international high school teaching the sport of American flag football to a group of interested students.

This was our fourth Friday session with this group but this time, instead of working with Skorpions DB Coach Dario D'Adelfio who had a work commitment, I was joined by Skorpion Strong Safety Giulio Bonfanti.

Giulio did a great job today!

 One-on-One Drills

That is Giulio in the yellow t-shirt on the far left.

As for the play itself, we have an Iranian QB throwing a pass to a Sri Lankan WR covered by a Brazilian DB.

How is that for an international school?

Lucas, our Brazilian player,
is open DEEP!

We had a small group today
so a Three-on-Three game it was

This deep ball was thrown by Franco from Ecuador to Mehdou from Senegal.

The last twenty minutes of our workout today was a video session where the student's teacher, Luca, brought in his computer to breakdown some action from this year's Super Bowl between the Patriots and Rams.

It was painful for me to watch again.  

Luca did a great job going over
the details of the game

The kids listened, asked good questions and learned much more about our game.

The hard tackling, as opposed to the flag pulling we are used to doing, was of much interest to the boys. 

 Luca hard at work with the
students paying attention

Now there is a novel concept.

After Giulio dropped me off near the Varese train station, I went for a stroll downtown before boarding the bus home.

 Environmentally Concerned Protestors
in Piazza Monte Grappa

They must not have gotten President Trump's memo about the hoax that he says is climate change.

Yea, right.

An elementary school protesting

A beautiful coffee machine

There is that photogenic
Varese bell tower again

The merry-go-round is a nice addition.

The store window of my favorite
downtown café . . .

. . . and it's quaint interior

Hawaiian Pizza? In Italy?

A bright yellow British Morgan
sighting while I waited for my bus

In the evening, I started to break down a video that we received on one of our future opponents. I needed to get this done before Saturday night when we will scout next week's opponents, the Palermo Sharks (1-0) who will be in town to play the Varese Gorillas (0-2).

After that game, I need to focus 100% on our Sharks game and not get sidetracked by another opponent that we play in a few weeks.

It was a good day!

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