Tuesday, March 26, 2019

More HUDL Video Work and Three Evening Practices

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Just a reminder, only . . .

. . . more days until Laurie arrives
at Milano's Malpensa Airport

Most of the day was dedicated at more in-depth study of our videos of the Cernusco Daemons (2-1), our next opponent on the 6th of April.

The Daemons pose a serious problem as they are the first team we've played that is a heavily pass oriented squad, having thrown a whopping 47 passes in their game last Sunday against the Milano Rhinos (2-0), a 30-7 loss.

At about 2:00 p.m., I realized that I needed to get out of the Villa Skorpions II for my mental health if nothing else.

I headed to our local Esselunga Supermarket as the cupboard was a bit bare.

The groceries purchased and in the car, I headed into downtown Varese to exchange DVDs at the public library.

On previous trips to the library,
I had not noticed this fine bust of
Italy's King Umberto I

 The Varese City Government Complex
looked especially good today

 The Glory that was Rome

Each week, our governing body for American football in Italy, F.I.D.A.F., published a DII summary of games on their website.

Skorpion CB Andrea Mora
was this week's Cover Boy

Here is the hilarious account of
our 28-21 victory over the Sharks

I went to Google Translate to get this interesting translation of their article:

Read Precautions

From an in-depth analysis of the blood traces found on the Skorpions playground (because yes, the real battle was dealt with), it was found that the Sharks suffer from an annoying allergy to the city of Varese.

Two trips and as many defeats for the Biancazzurri Sharks in Lombardy.

If you are not in a day of grace and with a large roster, finding yourself in front of the Rossoneri formation in Vedano Olona has the same effect as having a metalhead listen to Fedez: it seriously damages your health.

Palermo always puts his heart in the field, but he gets - also thanks to the undisputed value of his opponents - a careful dose of poison injected with sadistic pleasure by the distinguished Dr. Giorgino "Sting" Contreras and by his entire entourage of football students.

110 and praise.

And academic puncture.

Blood traces?
Metalhead listen to Fedez?
Poison injected?
Sadistic pleasure?
Dr. Giorgino?
Academic puncture?

I mean, I totally get the "Sting" reference

The resemblance is uncanny but as to the other references, I think that we definitely lost something in the translation!

In the evening, it was on to Skorpion Field for three practices.

The Women's Flag Team
hard at work going over schemes

Time for the ladies to scrimmage

 Pass in the Flat

While the Women's team was training at one end of the field, our U16 Tackle Team was busy as well.

The U16s play 7-man football

Three vs. one does not seem fair.

Of course, if your Center is facing
the wrong way, it is a bit more fair

With both of these practices finished, it was time for the Prima Squadra to take the field.

After our last bye week, we decided cut back our bye week Tuesday practices in the future. Thus, tonight we had the Offensive and Defensive Linemen stay home while we held a 90 minute workout stressing the passing game with lots of One-on-One, Two-on-Two and Seven-on-Seven drills.

It was an extremely positive night and timely as it turned out given the Daemons love of the passing game.

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday and after two days as a shut-in breaking down videos, I have that Wanderlust feeling again.

Hmmm, where to this week?


David said...

Better fix that Simply Man Match banner. Keep the financial backers happy.

George said...

We had a VIOLENT wind storm Monday night that wreaked havoc on our Simply Man Match sign to be sure but not a hair on the head of any Italian man's head that uses their products was out of place.