Monday, March 25, 2019

A Birthday Party, a Scouting Assignment, DII Updates and a LONG night with HUDL

Sunday, 24 March, 2019

Another hot, sunny day in Varese made for a perfect excuse to be outdoors, so outdoors we went.

But first, I thought we might take a closer look at a picture from Saturday's game against the Palermo Sharks that I posted in yesterday's blogpost from our 87 yard TD pass play  . . .

. . . just the classic body language
on the Sharks sideline as doom
sprints past them

I'm quite sure that our sideline had a similar look when the Sharks scored a TD on the game's opening kickoff.

Today was Giorgio Nardi's birthday so we went out to the Villa Skorpion II's Gardens for a good old fashioned Italian BBQ to celebrate Giorgio's latest trip around the Sun.

Giorgio is an Italian Grill Master
so he was working as always even
though it was his birthday

Bruno, on the left, about to give
Giorgio a birthday bear hug

The Gardens were all set for
the big celebration

Everything should be in full bloom in another week to ten days I'm guessing.

Raffa sporting a vintage NFL
jacket that he just received from Bruno

The gang's all here!

The food was ready and it got real
quiet around the big picnic table

mangia, Mangia, MANGIA!

Giorgio on the left enjoying his first
or ninth Margarita but who
is keeping count anyway

Birthday Canonccini

Unfortunately, I had to leave the party a bit early as I had a scouting assignment to perform for our Skorpions.

About 45 minutes south of Varese by car, the Milano Rhinos (1-0) were hosting a key Italian DII, Group A contest against the Cernusco Daemons (2-0).

If you recall, the Rhinos dealt the Skorpions (2-1) our only loss of the season two weeks ago. Our next opponent in two week will be the Daemons.

I got to the Rhinos stadium just as they started to play the Italian National Anthem.

If you look closely through the fence,
you'll see that the Daemons have
a peaceful protestor on a knee

As near as I could tell, no one in the stands got upset about our kneeling player.

Daemons in white on Offense

This is a rare run play by the Daemons, they threw about 45 passes yesterday.

And here is one of those passes

The only hitch on this scouting trip was that one of the Daemons defenders injured his knee just before halftime and had to be driven to a hospital via the ambulance at the field.

Italian Federation rules state that the game can not continue to be played without an ambulance at the ready on the game field. Thus halftime lasted one hour while we all waited for our ambulance to return to the game field.

Throw in lots of passing and we wound up with a game that lasted three hours and 45 minutes.

At the end of the day, the Rhinos (2-0) were simply a better team today than the Daemons (2-1) and won going away by a final tally of 30-7.

When I got home, I started to work
on HUDL to breakdown our
Sharks game video

The next thing I knew was that I was on play #75 of a 120 play video when I looked at my watch only to realize that it was 12:35 a.m., Monday morning.

Bedtime for Bonzo it was for me, I'll finish the video at a decent hour of the morning on Monday.

Finally, let's take a look at this weekend's Italian American football DII action . . .

Our Governing Body


Group A

Group A Week #5 Results
Varese Skorpions (2-1) 28
Palermo Sharks (1-2) 21

Desio Hammers (2-0) 17
Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (0-3) 10

Milano Rhinos (2-0) 30
Cernusco Daemons (2-1) 7

Group A Standings
1T. Desio Hammers 2-0
Milano Rhinos 2-0
3T. Brescia Bengals 2-1
Cernusco Daemons 2-1
Varese Skorpions 2-1
6T. Palermo Sharks 1-2
Varese Gorillas 1-2
8. Canavese Mastifs 0-2
9. Busto Arsizio Blue Storms 0-3

Group A Week #6 Schedule
No Games Scheduled

Group B

Group B Week #5 Results
Padova Saints (2-1) 44
Castelfranco Cavaliers (0-3) 34

Ferrara Aquile (2-2) 44
Isonzo Sentinels (1-2) 34

Group B Standings
1. Verona Mastini 3-0
2. Padova Saints 2-1
3. Ferrara Aquile 2-2
4. Isonzo Sentinels 1-2
5. Castelfranco Cavaliers 0-3

Group B Week #6 Schedule
No Games Scheduled

Group C

Group C Week #5 Results
Sarzana Red Jackets (1-3) 16
Bologna Braves (1-1) 14

Roma Pretoriani (2-1) 31
Modena Vipers (1-2) 22

Group C Standings
1. Reggio Emilia Hogs 2-0
2. Roma Pretoriani 2-1
3. Bologna Braves 1-1
4. Modena Vipers 1-2
5. Sarzana Red Jackets 1-3

Group C Week #6 Schedule
Saturday, March 30th
Bologna Braves (1-1) at
Reggio Emilia Hogs (2-0)

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