Monday, March 11, 2019

Sunday . . . a Day of HUDL and a Sumptuous Meal

Sunday, 10 March, 2019

Today was definitely not a day of rest for me as the video of our Milano Rhinos game yesterday has been posted on HUDL overnight.

Thus most of my Sabbath was spent breaking down said video for stats, evaluation of both players and schemes, noting helmet decal award winning plays and making comments critiquing our players efforts.

Overall, none of our players had a bad game but all had bad plays, usually at the most inopportune time. I felt after reviewing the video that we are indeed making progress in all areas but at this time lack the consistency needed to be an excellent squad.

With a bye week before playing the Palermo Sharks (1-0) at home on Saturday, March 23rd at 11:30 a.m., we will have four practices to iron things out.


After, our game Saturday, Enzo Petrillo handed me the keys to one of his family's cars and, voilà, I had instant independence.

I took a mid-HUDL break to use my new chariot for a magical trip to the Esselunga Supermarket to buy some flowers and a bottle of prosecco to bring to a dinner that I had been invited to attend in the evening.

I was excited that I made my first solo round trip of the season without a hitch!

Chiesa San Stefano
looked majestic today on my
drive home from Esselunga

As I said, I had a dinner to attend at 7:30 p.m. in Tradate tonight.

Milano Seamen FS Nicolas Principi

Nicolas was the heart and soul of our 2018 Varese Skorpions Defense at Strong Safety and was a key member of all of our Special Teams.

His efforts earned him a spot in the Italian DII all-star game as part of the Northern team in July.

He additionally joined us as part of the victorious Europe Warriors squad that beat the University of Chihuahua in Mexico in August.

This last game was the reason for our dinner tonight.

Nicolas and his significant other, Marta Crosta, came to America the week before the Chihuahua game to visit Nicolas' father who lives in Wyoming.

After that week, they came to our home in Camarillo where Marta stayed with Laurie during the week that Nicolas, our son Mike who coached the DBs in Mexico and myself enjoyed all that Chihuahua had to offer.

When we returned from Mexico, Nicolas and Marta stayed with us for another week in California before returning to Lombardia.

Thus, Nicolas' mother Paola invited me into her home to break bread tonight in thanks for hosting her son and Marta.

Of course, I was excited about the evening!

As for Nicolas this season, I strongly encouraged him in the off-season to follow his dream and take a shot at playing at the highest level possible in 2019. Thus his move to the extremely competitive Milano Seamen, the Italian DI champions in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

The Seamen romped in their season
opener last night and Nicolas was
happy with his performance

When I entered Paola's beautiful home, my eyes immediately focused on . . .

. . . the dinner table that whispered
mangia, Mangia, MANGIA!

Besides Nicolas and his mother, we were joined by Marta and her family plus her brother's girlfriend.

Thus the eight of us plus Paola's and Nicolas' eight dogs sat down for a typical three hour Italian Sunday dinner that was absolutely delightful!

The main dish was a fantastic light and fluffy lasagna. Ever chivalrous and so as not to be deemed rude or maleducato, I gracefully accepted Paola's offer of seconds.

Post-Dinner we talked football
in this room before a
Stage Four Food Coma hit us all

Our dinner crowd

Back row, L. to R.: Marta's brother Riccardo and her father Gianni

Front Row, L. to R.: Riccardo's girlfriend Tijana, Marta's mother Daniela, Nicolas' mother Paola, Nicolas, Marta and I'm not sure which of the eight dogs Marta is holding

It was a great way to end the weekend, a huge GRAZIE to Paola and Nicolas for being wonderful hosts.


David said...

Eating seconds? Truly no sacrifice is too great in your efforts to further international relations. I salute you, gallant sir.

Oh, and so good for you, too!

George said...

I'm just trying not to be an Ugly American. I even tasted a dish made primarily of pig's knee joints I believe, yum!