Friday, March 8, 2019

Domestic Chores and One Last Practice Before Our Milano Rhinos Game

Thursday, 7 March, 2019

Let's start the day with some Italian fun facts about the . . .

 . . . Italian Flag's Colors and
what they represent

As with most things Italian, there is room for argument on the meanings of the three colors that make up this simple, try-color national flag.

One theory says that the green represents the plains and hills of Italy, the white stands for the snow covered mountains of the Alps and the red is for the blood spilled for independence.

The second option states that green symbolizes hope, the white is faith and the red is charity.

I like the first theory better.

Let the arguing begin.

Most of the day was taken up with sprucing up the Villa Skorpion II as we would have our first overnight guest spending the night this evening, Bart Iaccarino.

The fact that we had heavy rains throughout the day for the first time since I arrived in Varese seven weeks ago made staying indoors a bit easier.

I first crossed paths with Bart when I was coaching the Catania Elephants in 2009 and Bart was a stellar Defensive Tackle with the eventual 2009 Italian Football League DI National Champion Bolzano Giants.

After his playing days, Bart got the coaching bug and, as it turns out he is a great coach.

When I coached the Murcia Cobras in the Spanish DII league in 2015, Bart was the Head Coach of the Reus Imperials. His club went undefeated that year in winning the 2015 Spanish DII National Championship.

As I said, great coach!

Bart is one of the two movers and shakers, along with Spain's DI Osos Rivas Head Coach Jesús Sanchez, of the Europe Warriors all-star team that has played three games in Mexico over the last two years.

I have been thankful to both of them for asking me to be a part of the Europe Warriors coaching staff serving as the Offensive Line and Special Teams coach for the first two of those game in August and December of 2017 in Mexico City and Texcoco, Mexico.

They even gave me a battlefield promotion to be the Warriors Head Coach for last Summer's game, a win, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Bart was the Head Coach of the new Lazio Ducks in Italy's DI last season. He was able to coach the first year Ducks into a playoff spot in his first and, as it turned out, last season near Rome.

This season, Bart has returned to Spain to coach one of Spain's most historic franchises, the L'Hospitalet Pioners, based in Barcelona. The Pioners are currently 7-2 with three games left in the Spanish regular season.

Did I mention that Bart is a great coach?

Well he is.

Bart was in Varese for a quick series of meetings with Skorpions Board Member Enzo Petrillo to check out various hotels, fields and other needed facilities to use for a big American football players camp planned in Varese on June 22-23, that will be led by eight members of the current NFL Chicago Bears coaching staff.

Good times are just around the corner for the grand sport of American football in Varese!

Speaking of which . . .

We've got a BIG game at home
this coming Saturday night

So a good night of practicing was called for on Skorpion Field.

 It was a BEAUTIFUL night for
American football!

I had a 90 minute session leading our U15 flag team as their Head Coach was unable to attend due to work commitments tonight.

The kids gave good effort, had fun and improved a bit I think.

We had about a 20 minute window between the end of the U15 practice and the start of the Prima Squadra's workout.

Time for a few photo ops.

 Bart Iaccarino with 2018
Europe Warrior WR Martino Piazzi

Of course, Martino continues to be the leader of the Skorpions talented group of Wide Receivers.

 Two Europe Warrior coaches
meeting at Skorpion Field

 Tex is my personal "Get Back" Coach
on game days

It was time for our final practice of the night to commence.

OC Omar Passera "snapping" to
QB Gianluca Arena during 7-on-7

Gianluca going . . .

Our practice was well attended, competitive and fast paced.

What more could I ask for?

Well, I could ask for our Busto Arsizio Blue Storms game video from last Sunday to be up on HUDL. When I got home tonight after practice it was finally there, HALLELUJAH!

It looks like Friday will be an all-day video feat breaking down what happened in our improbable 7-6 victory against the Blue Storms.

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