Friday, March 22, 2019

A Restful Thursday and a GREAT Practice!

Thursday, 21 March, 2019

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to start a countdown, so I did.

In only . . .

. . . more days, Laurie arrives in Italia


Meanwhile, back in California after several weeks of rain, Jacob's baseball season finally got under way.

Jacob started out in Left Field and
then played Third Base which is a most
unorthodox position for a leftie

From all reports, he had a good time so everyone was happy.

#21, on the left, is Nicolas Principi
who was our outstanding Skorpion
Strong Safety last season

This year Nicolas is seen here playing for the two time defending Italian DI Champion Milano Seamen last weekend against the Bologna Warriors.

Nicolas wanted to test his abilities in Italy's toughest environment this year. I gave him 99% of my support in following his personal trail to greatness.

The missing 1% of my support came in knowing the hole his absence would create in the Skorpions' Defense, Special Teams and leadership.

From all reports, he is having a good time too.

Young love in the park
behind the Varese Public Library
in the City Government Complex

Is that a Stormy Petrel atop
the Varese City Hall?

Varese's Piazza Monte Grappa
fountain looked good on a sunny day

How I love this iconic
Varese Bell Tower

Feeding the pigeons is really
not the best thing to do, in my opinion

Flying rats if you ask me.


Buosi is generally considered by most of the locals to be the best gelateria in all of Varese. They are also one of the Skorpions' main sponsors.

They do so well financially that they just close shop all Winter and for the final part of the Fall too, I suspect.

Since I arrived back in Varese last January, there has been a large sign on Buosi's front door stating that they would "See you all again come Spring, 2019."

Well, yesterday was the first day of Spring and when I drove past Buosi on my way home from my Wanderlust Wednesday, I noticed that they were indeed true to their word . . . THEY WERE OPEN!

Of course, I just had to stop in for one of their delicious coconut and Sicilian fruit gelato cones today to celebrate their re-opening.

Spring has indeed officially arrived in Lombardia!

It was now Thursday evening, so that meant just one thing . . .


Tonight I had to fill in for D.J., our U15 coach, who could not make it to the practice due to work commitments.

U15 Flag Tackling Drill

We had a good session from 6:30 - 8:00 with the always interesting U15s that concluded with a scrimmage against our Adult Women's Flag team.

The final 12-12 score of the scrimmage seemed just about the perfect reflection of the two team's good efforts tonight.

At 8:15, our Senior team reported for our last workout before Saturday's game against the 1-1 Palermo Sharks.

We were in desperate need of a good effort tonight after a bad, depressing showing Tuesday night.

It was a BEAUTIFUL night for American football and our Prima Squadra came through with both great attendance and spirited play.

I think that we are finally ready to play against an extremely dangerous opponent on Saturday.

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