Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Warm Days in Lyon

The Sun returned to Lyon on Tuesday and Wednesday giving us a totally different type of Falcon Weather.

We all liked it.

Nath Clades' GREAT picture of Ismael
Sánchez's PAT block last Sunday

The first order of business on Tuesday was to head down to the Leroy Merlin Hardware Store to buy a hammer.

Painful Reminder of Sunday's Bus
Ride Home from Toulouse

"Whatever happens on the bus, STAYS ON THE BUS!"

I LOVE this country!!!

Salvador Allende, Jean-Jacques Roussseau and Robespierre tram or bus stops all near each other.

Painting One More Hammer

Tuesday night's practice was more mental than physical as many of our Senior players were still quite sore from either the Comètes game or the long bus ride home.

Not sure which took its toll more on our bodies.

Wednesday was a day for Laurie and I to do a little walking and window shopping in Lyon.

First, we needed nutrients.

Lots of Quiches

And Sweets to be sure

While we both needed a café. I opted for a pain chocolate (BIG shock there) and Laurie had a Galette Lyonnaise.

Pure sugar can also be spelled pure delight.

They Specialize in French Fast Food

I think.

French Fast Food?

More French Fast Food???

On Place Bellcour

This is a monument to Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He was a Lyonnaise pilot who perished on July 31, 1944 while fighting for France in World War II.

The Lyon airport is named in his honor.

Time for Lunch in Vieux Lyon

This spot has always caught my eye
but this was our first meal here

It was really good!

That is the famous Three Legged Dog
of the Vieux Lyon that she is coaxing

Great Hands

Staircase Tower

Time to enter a church. We opted for Église St-Bonaventure.

Not my favorite saint but what the heck, I was game.

Great Stain Glass on a Sunny Day

Ornate Side Altar

Papal Seals

Excellent Wings

Interesting Rosette Window

Tapestries, the church had TAPESTRIES!

 Crossing The Rhône River

This could be TROUBLE!

Les Halles is a Lyonnais Master Chef Paul Bocuse sponsored, high end food market.

The Staff of Life

Apple Tort

Sausages to DIE for!!! 

The Fish Looked Good Too!

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Goat Cheeses

We escaped with only the charge for another café on our tab.

Cool Parking Structure

Refreshing Fountain

At this point we decided to go to the stadium where our National Championship game will be played Saturday night.

I had never been to this 4,800 seat stadium that until two years ago was the home of Lyon's Division II rugby team, the LOU. The stadium is still used by the LOU's youth squads 

We jumped on the Metro D line and found our way there.

Avenue Paul Santy is correct
but what is that other street sign about?

Assasinated by the Germans

The Stade Vuillermet


Two more victims of the Gestapo

This plaque commemorates two more local youths who perished at the hands of the Nazis. It is located on the LOU's Clubhouse inside the Stade Vuillermet.


The End Zone and Home Stands
are both covered

End Zone Seats

Home Stands

Visiting Stands

A Scoreboard with a CLOCK!!!

This is going to be a fabulous venue for our game Saturday night!

John and Robin cooking dinner
Wednesday night

This was no small chore now that John's parents are staying with us in The Villa for the week.

"Table for six, SVP."

Cute couple, don't you agree?


Olivier R said...

For a while i was depressed... not able to find a single mistake... damned... and then... LOU rugby in D1?!! no no no, they're in D2!
BTW you made me laugh with your St Priest bus stops, curiously St Priest has voted for the Left since... it exist! Surprised there was no Stanlingrad Station on the same line!

George said...

I give up!

Olivier R said...

Ok ok i confess: i m paid to give you hell by the " former George contreras students association" !!

George said...

Now THAT I believe!

Olivier R said...

I just hope god will forgive me to make an American give up a 6th of June!

George said...

"God will pardon me; it's His profession."
Voltaire I believe.