Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Calm and a BBQ

Falcon QB John van den Raadt

Our good friend and ace news reporter, David Lassen, wrote a nice follow-up article in the Riverside, California newspaper about John yesterday. He wrote an excellent piece about VDR about two months ago. Here is the link to his latest effort:

After doing a little shopping for supplies for a BBQ that we are all attending at the home of Falcons WR Geoff Moulton's parents, I opted to head downtown to check out the Lyonnaise Summer weather scene.

 This Shady Lane was welcomed
in the heat believe you me!

Sunbathing by the Rhône River

In Lyon?

This is just not right on two levels.

First, the Irish name in France.

Even more disturbing, it is a clothing store not an Irish pub.

Go figure.

BBQ at the Moulton Compound
in St-Priest

From L. to R.: John, Robin, Laurie, Jeremy, Keith, Remi, Aline, Geoff, John and Beth

Can you tell that the weather has taken a turn for the better?

What a splendid way to end a glorious day in France. The BBQ was delicious and the hospitality and friendship were beyond compare.

It was a good way to relax before the big game Saturday night.

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