Thursday, June 20, 2013

A GORGEOUS Sunny Day in Cadaqués

So Wolfman Jack, a Midget and a Cop
meet on a street in Cadaqués . . . 

I know that this comment is terribly not PC but I could not help myself.

Our last full day in Cadaqués was just plain beautiful! A perfect day to go layout by the Mediterranean Sea. Since Cadaqués is so small and isolated, most of the following pictures are of the same views as the last two days only bathed in wondrous sunlight.

Laurie's Beach Shoes and Purse

She tried to do one of those popular water shots with her feet in the foreground but her legs were too short.

We can do this

Laurie and the Harbor

The Swirling Med

Pottery is HUGE in these parts

The Fleet still at rest

Green Onions

This little spot was great for our mid-day snack serving up a variety of Galician cheeses with honey and a very fresh tortilla de patata. The young man who runs the place was proud to tell us that he had just bought a new record, yes, vinyl. He wanted to know if we wanted to hear it. We said, "But of course."

Next thing you know, we were transported back in time to our University of Washington days. The record was Jefferson Airplane's first album that included White Rabbit.

We thought with great fondness about Coleen Kerrbrock while it played.

Typical Mediterranean Colors
Blue and White

Nice Flower Pot Decoration

A Catalunyan High Chair

Spectacular Day

The Locals LOVE Bright Colors

Another Romantic/Mysterious Street

Typical Ancient Street Designs


Even on doors.

Another perfect day in Cadaqués
comes to a close

Similarly, our stay in Europe is coming to a close as well.

Thursday we will depart from the Costa Brava and head first to nearby Figueres to see the wild Salvador Dalí Museum.

After the museum, we will drive two hours South to Barcelona to enjoy our favorite city in Spain one last time before flying back to Lyon on Friday morning.

In Barcelona, we will be meeting for drinks in the late evening with one of our Facebook friends who plays for the 2013 Spanish American Football Champion Pioners L'Hospitalet. His name is Stephane Morin and he plays DB for the Pioners. L'Hospitalet is a suburb of Barcelona.

Stephane Morin

By the way, after a stirring come from behind 16-15 win in France against the Nice Dauphins last weekend, the Pioners play another French team, the Thonon Black Panthers for the 2013 EFAF Cup Championship on July 13 or 14.

The Black Panthers defeated the Copenhagen Towers 19-7 in their EFAF Cup semi-final contest.

I think that this will be a fun evening in the tapas capital of the known universe.


Olivier R said...

Stephane plays CB George. Will you see coach Polanco at the same time? Enjoy the crazy museum of Figueres, have a good trip back!

Stéphane MORIN said...

Coach Teo could not make it unfortunately. And CB is a DB ;)