Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Cote D'Azur

In past EuroBall seasons when the end of the campaign finally arrived Laurie and I would take off for two weeks of intense sightseeing in some of the continents most cosmopolitan cities. These last whirlwind tours afforded us one more chance to visit amazing museums, ruins and, of course, churches.

Not this National Championship year.

The Riviera

Long ago we had decided that after this great season ended that we would just go somewhere where we could just vegetate and relax.

Thus, on Monday, we boarded another TGV high speed train in Lyon bound for the South of France to the enchanting seaside resort city of Nice.

Palm Trees

Now there is something that you don't see everyday in Lyon.

Lyon doesn't see this much either!

That equals a balmy 77ºF.

Ah, pastels

Reflection near our Hotel du Centre

Stained Glass Magic
Old Habits Die HARD!!!

In a record shattering performance, we were only in this church for about two minutes!

Laurie wants a pair of these . . .

Foie Gras and Ham Salad for Lunch


That blue sky was accompanied
by the SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rare Me Sighting
on Place Massena

Bad Hair Day


She was not the only topless
woman in Nice today

GREAT Diving Catch!!!

Especially versus one-on-one coverage by a bull.

Outdoor dining is a must!

The things that you can buy in
Nice's Monday Antiques Market

Love that Sun!



There it was, the Mediterranean Sea!

We are going to be all over this
beach the next few days

Police on horseback on the famous
Promenade des Anglais

They are needed to patrol and protect all of the rich, beautiful and famous people who frequent this wondrous city.

People like . . .

Stylish Super Models and . . .

Billionaire Industrialists and . . .

National Championship Families

We can do this

Looking West on Nice's piece
of the Cote D'Azur

Cool Flag

I've done this on our Honeymoon
in Acapulco, Mexico

I like you Monsieur Soleil

Powerful Coast

Splash Back

We will rent two of these on Tuesday

Since we got into Nice in the mid-afternoon, we opted to just get the general lay of the land on Monday.

World War I Memorial

Overlooking Nice's Harbor

Colorful Harbor Scene

Colors, Colors, Colors

A Big Boat

A Bigger Boat

Our Sized Boat

Nice Nice Catamaran

Lovely Balcony

Gibbs Rule #47
"Never date a woman named Constance"

Sweet Ride

Sweet Girl

Give my bride a glass of white wine at an outdoor table in a sun drenched Riviera/Cote D'Azur city and she is happy.

As for Me?

Just give me a citron glace anytime, anywhere on a suuny afternoon.

A Hero?

The lady on the right must 
be heading to the plage

Plage means beach in French.

Getting hungry

Zucchini Flowers

Delicious when served deep fried Tempura style.

Exploring the Vieux Nice

Almost Dinner Time

Cool Grocery Sign


Famous Marseille Soaps

Great Colors can be
found in Vieux Nice

Be Strong!

Pastels Everywhere

Nice Hat

A Pilgrim?

Fenocchio Gelato Shop

One scoop of ananas gelato = NIRVANA!!!

Laundry Day in Nice

Maori Face Tattoo?

We did not go into this church

Laurie and the Med

Magic Hour on Place Massena

What the . . .

Cannon Ball???

Beautiful City

Opera Singer

She was singing a cappella in a perfect acoustical arcade setting that allowed her to be heard easily from over two blocks away.

American Football in
NiceThis Saturday

Nice's DI American football team is hosting the 2013 Spanish DI Champions in a Semi-Final Europe Cup game this weekend.

I wonder, who is the cowboy overlooking Nice Dauphins team? 

Notre Dame Church across
the street from our Hotel

The writing on the rear fender says
"Hold School"

A great start to our first few days on the Riviera.

Tuesday is . . .


David said...

Your two-minute church made me think of this classic of travel/humor writing:


George said...

At this point, six minutes in the Louvre would be enough!

Anonymous said...

The man with the cow-boy hat is Jean-Luc Donivar, the president of Dauphins de Nice.
As far as I remember him, he had always weared this hat.

In 1994, when we (Djamel and me, and the 69ers Villeurbanne...) lost in the D II South conference final game, he played with our opponents, Iron Mask from Cannes.
And the legend says that he had burried a Voodoo doll or something at the base of the right goal post.
This goalpost we have hit in the end of 4th quarter, with 1'30 at the clock. and finaly have lost the game 27-28. (after that Iron Mask have won the national championship vs the Kiowas from Garches (north, near Paris) 43-06).
The most sad day in my sportsman's life.
What a contrast with this saturday night joy !!!

Fred "Papi" B. SS#44 of the French DIII National Champs :-)

George said...

Merci for the information Papi.