Friday, June 7, 2013

Hot Thursday and Our Last Practice of the Season

Thursday was a warm day in Lyon.

So, how hot was it?

A Scorching 29ºC / 84º F!!!

Our first goal of the day was to go the the AVF Club meeting to deliver some of Shannon Tesseyre's From Vine to Wine literature to the club's membership. Shannon's new business concerns itself with English language wine pairings in the greater Lyon.

Glad to help.

Fritz Lang in French

France . . . WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

Anyone looking for a job?

 As I said, it was a warm day in Lyon

 Almost time for lunch

I will never get tired of
strolling the Vieux Lyon

 How old are these
very worn stairs?

 "I'd like a table for four
with some flowers please."

On to Cathedral St-Jean . . .

The Power of Stained Glass on a
sunny day is not to be underestimated

 Laurie liked this old design on
the Cathedral's Floor

We headed over to the French Train Company's small ticket office on Place Bellecour to buy a pair of ducats for our trip to not the Italian Riviera or the Mayan Riviera or even the California Riviera.

No, we are headed to THE Riviera, i.e., Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez and, of course, Monaco for four relaxing days next week. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

On our way there we ran into three Mormon missionaries and gave them all of the information that they and there fellow missionaries needed to come to our game Saturday night. We were joined by several Falcons who saw us while they were busily getting game poster put up all over the city.

We may have converted at least one of them to the faith of the Falcons. Our WR Baba Vincent, on the other hand, may become a Mormon after this brief encounter.

It was time now to take the funicular ride to St-Just for our weekly ritual . . . Lunch at Sophie's.

 A Perfect Day for a Pastis

Or two.

French Cuisine at its best

She wore her leopard skins!

Our very French and very upbeat waitress at Sophie's is one of the great things about the total dining experience at our favorite bistro.

Christophe - "Go Falcons Go!"

Christophe runs the Corner Cafe near Sophie's and the funicular stop. He coaches the Apaches, our local university American football team and the Lyon Gones Cadet team.

Even though the Gones are the Falcons crosstown rivals, he still put up a game poster and a "Go Falcons Go?"  sign on the Corner Cafe's window.

Merci, Christophe!!! 

We decided to do a little more exploring/walking in town to work off some of that 27 course lunch.

What is this thing?

We see images of this thing all over France in all sorts of mutations.

Does anybody know what it is? 

That reminds me . . .

Pierro Theyssier, Thibaud Rontet and Romain Nefise are all really fast punt and kick returners.


Well, O.K., maybe if you're having one.

Such a lovely day to be in the Sun
by a Lyon fountain

At least he thinks so

Non-Stop, ALL DAY!!!

 Colorful Restaurant Street

No, in a stunning upset, we just kept walking.

 Old Restaurant Tables

 Laurie would look SO good
in a pair of these chic sandals!

Last Practice of the Season

Two hours of final preparations for Saturday night's big game.

Two more days . . .

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Olivier R said...

Ah Mormons missionaries! Wherever you are in the world if you want to talk football to someone, here they are!!! Never met one who was not happy to stop his gospel for a moment to talk about the new byu QB or the NFL draft!