Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Member of the Family and Cadaqués, Spain

On Sunday, Father's Day, our niece Lauren Wintroath Ramirez gave birth in Pasadena, CA to her first child. If I understand the whole family tree concept then I just became a Grand Poobah.

I think.

Anyway, congratulations to Lorenzo and Lauren on their healthy, new son . . .

Maximiliano Jorge Ramirez

Another good reason to fly home on Sunday, see you soon Max!

I believe that this is the final version of
The Ring

Let's get our fingers sized and place that order NOW!

I really love this final version.

On Monday we flew from Lyon to Barcelona. We then rented a car and drove about two hours north to the Costa Brava seaport village of Cadaqués to relax a bit more before flying home to California. 

At the Lyon Airport I was asked what I liked most about coaching the Falcons this season. The answer was easy . . .

The Improvement of the Offensive Line

Cadaqués in the distance

Where is Cadaqués exactly?

In the extreme Northeast corner of Spain

In the Province of Catalunya

The Old Tourist Information Center

White Washed Walls and
Narrow Streets are the norm

Cadaqués Harbor


Relaxing with wine

The aroma of the sea air brought back many positive memories of Summers in Newport Beach, California some 50 years ago.

Calming Waters

Sea Wall


Topless Beaches Too!

The Catalans have a love affair
with the letter X

I now spell it Georgex.

Art Studio

Steps to Oblivion

More Harbor Scenes

New Place, Same Result

Croquetas . . . YUM!!!

Hell Yes!

Swirling Waters

Nice House

We plan to hit this beach on Tuesday

Interesting Building Materials

Nice Homes

The Fleet is In

Salvador Dalí lived near the harbor

Dalí Statue

Not sure about this buildings function
but I like it

Arrowhead Windows

Catalunya would love to become a
Sovereign State

We cruised the town while wining and dining well into the evening and quickly came to a conclusion.

There is nothing to do in Cadaqués but eat, drink and lay about in the sun while reading a good book.


Wednesday morning views

Waves Crashing

Rugged Sea Coast

Fine Old Walls

Sexy Women

Love this Harbor

I should frame it

Pottery Shop

Kilns all over Catalunya were happy to hear that Laurie was in the Province!

Pottery Sign

Artsy Flower Pots

Is that clock melting?

Oops, I forgot about Dalí's ties
to the community

Sea Front Buildings

No Gambling Anymore

Some Catalunyans are like this

Most though, like Falcons' Free Safety Ismael Sánchez, are great and patient people.

Nothing to do for the next few days.


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