Tuesday, June 11, 2013

National Championship Afterglow

Sunday was a sleep deprived blur of a day after the all-night celebration of the Falcons huge win.

Hundreds (thousands?) of pictures started to get posted all over the internet from the game as the day unfolded. Here are just a few that I really liked.


Singing the French National Anthem

MLB Matthieu Fayard in Action

Trench Warfare

DE Remi Laurencon
Tackle for Loss

CB Loic Labrosse

 DT Will Lacôm
Get Off!!!

 RB Steven Berthomier

This very physical Third Down run by Steven at the the end of the game gave the Falcons the First Down that led to Victory Kneel Down . . . THE BEST PLAY IN FOOTBALL!

Defense Wins Championships . . .

. . . But a GREAT QB doesn't hurt either

Back home in California, sportswriter David Lassen wrote a third nice article about John van den Raadt after the game. Here is a link to his latest Pulitzer Prize winning essay:


How many pictures can we
take with the Casque D'Argent Trophy?


Here is a link to the article about the game in the local French newspaper:


 Mathieu Paredes
Champion's Attitude

OL Mehdi Bezguiche

The exact moment when he finally realized that what I've been telling him is 100% true . . .
Chicks really DO dig fat guys!

Mathieu Paredes and Remi Laurencon

Remi holding the coveted Game Hammer that he earned with his great play at defensive end against the Pionniers.

RB Brice Rontet

SS Fred "Papi" Bastiand
How about one more season young man?

Laurie Contreras
Freelance Photographer

I LOVE my job!!!

Great Memories

On Sunday night, the team gathered at La 3 Brassuers, our team sponsoring brew pub, for another round of photos with the Casque D'Argent Trophy.

Honoring a former Falcon
with a new game jersey

Looks to me like he could still play a down or two for us.

Loic Labrosse, Falcons President Christophe
Thuau and another former Falcon

These French are an emotional people, lots of tears again tonight.

We Cuban-Americans have our emotions in check.

Sure we do.

WR Romain Nefise
Positive Energy in Human Form

C Matthieu Givet
The Quiet Anchor of the Offensive Line

Nath and Olivier "Aw Shucks" Caldes

Olivier brings a no-nonsense, hard nosed approach to the game when coaching our very successful Junior team.

No Nath equals No Falcons . . . SHE IS THE BEST!!!

OT Djamel Laib
Out of retirement to win a ring

How did he wind up with John's jersey?

Papi is French after all

GM Julien Urgenti

He is the mastermind behind the scenes that put this team together in the off-season.

A great friend too.

Fabrice Candelo

Fabrice worked with our offense, mostly the wide receivers. His quiet, calm coaching style was a big reason why we won 12 games this year.

Julien's turn with the
CasqueD'Argent Trophy

In America, on the Super Bowl game field as soon as the game is over, a camera crew goes up to the game's MVP and asks:
"Now that you've won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do?"

The answer is ALWAYS the same: 
"I'm going to Disneyland!"

If the media had asked Laurie that question after our big win Saturday night, her answer would have been:
"Disneyland? OH, HELL NO! We're going to the French Riviera, aka, the Cote D'Azur and lay in the Sun!!!!!!!"

Hard to argue with her logic . . . NICE HERE WE COME!!!

Champions of a really old country . . . WOW!!!

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