Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Romp with the Damboises and the Fête de la Musique

Our trip home from Barcelona on Friday morning went off without a hitch.

Once back at The Villa, we spent the rest of the afternoon packing for the trip home to California which starts with a flight to Amsterdam about 24 hours from now as I write this blog post.

In the evening we headed to Place Bellecour to meet with two of our favorite Lyonnaise friends, Jean-Charles and Marianne Damboise.

The plan was to say adieu over drinks after touring the city on this special night.

It was the 21st of June, Midsommar, the official first day of Summer. Back in circa 1981, the French government declared that this date each year would be the National French Fête de la Musique. This is a day when musicians of all ages, shapes, sizes and genres take to the streets of cities all over Gaul to play for the general public.

It promised to be a fun evening.

Be a Sam

Since this was to be a night of revelry, young people like these with the white head, were pushing France's Sam program which is a plea to have a Designated Driver to keep all of us safe and sound.

A Sam is a very good idea obviously.

We met the Jean-Charles and Marianne at 6:00 p.m. on Place Bellecour and away we went.

Drum Line on Place Bellecour


VERY loud.

 Prodigy with his first Groupie

 Future Vegas Lounge Singer

We walked into the Vieux Lyon
and pass St-Jean Cathedral

 Play that flute!

THAT guy has great hair

He was quite good

 Forget the music, a balloon is
all this kid needed to enjoy the night

Here he is chasing the balloon which would eventually pop causing a flow of expected tears. 

They were having fun

Charlie Manson is on parole?

Lady Bug Balloon Art

A fun choir

She was really into it

Let's listen to our choir

Watching it all from high above

Rock Trio

Kebab Street Vendor

Getting hungry.

Strange Place for a Picnic

Sun Drenched Hôtel de Ville


We arrived for dinner at La Hugonnière which is an excellent little Bouchon Lyonnaise that Falcons' offensive tackle Djamel Laib had introduced us to a few weeks ago.

 "Table for Four, SVP."
L. to R.: Marianne, Laurie,
George and Jean-Charles

The wine, food and fellowship were all top notch as usual. After another long and relaxing dining experience, we were off to observe some more music groups plying their trade in Lyon's rues. 

Serious guitar work

 WHOA, nice seafood plate!

But I digress . . .

Big crowd gathering for this band 

Place des Jacobins Fountain is
Finally Open!

This beautiful fountain has been undergoing renovation our entire nine month stay in Lyon. Tonight, for the first time, we finally saw it as I'm sure its creator intended.

A truly beautiful sight as our evening came to a close.

Once back at Place Bellecour, we bid a tearful au revoir to Marianne and Jean-Charles. They are really good people and a big part of the wonderful time we have spent in Lyon.

Good people, INDEED!

When we got back to The Villa we were greeted by John and Robin who had just returned from their own two week European vacation. Their whirlwind tour took them to Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Normandy's D-Day Beaches, Milan and Venice.


We swapped travel stories late into the night and after a good night's sleep would now be ready to enjoy our final full day in France to be shared with our fellow National Champions over lunch and a few adult beverages.

Packing will have to wait a bit longer.

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