Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunny Lyon, Division II Lineup and One Last Trip Before Coming Home to Camarillo

The weather in Lyon has taken a definite turn for the worse as we have had to suffer through a weekend of sun drenched blue skies and temperatures well into the mid to upper 80s!

How can people live in such deplorable, non-Falcon weather? 

 We struggled mightily at a sidewalk
café near Place Bellecour on Saturday

Sunday was Father's Day and the start of our last week in France as we fly home to Camarillo next Sunday, bright and early at 6:40 a.m. from Lyon to Amsterdam and then to Los Angeles.

Thus much of the day was spent packing and deciding what items to take home and what things to donate to the local charities.

In the late afternoon we did venture downtown to eat a proper Father's Day meal and check out the shop windows of the vast majority of stores that were closed as usual on a Sunday.

Mickey and Skulls?

 Nice Shoes

Maybe I should buy Laurie a pair before we fly home.

I wonder how much they cost? Let's take a closer look.

Oh . . .

That is the equivalent of $1,040.52!!!!!!

To put these shoes in perspective, my round trip airfare from Los Angeles to Lyon was only $1,013.92

Sunday Dinner at l'Épicerie in Lyon

EXCELLENT Tartines Indeed

What the . . .

Movie scripts just get better and better every Summer.

First Draft of the 2014 Division II Lineup

There is still a long time between now and the start of the 2014 season but here is the first look at what the eight team Division II Sud Conference may look like when the Falcons first tee it up next March. There should also be eight squads in the Division II Nord Conference.

Tentative Division II Sud Conference
Aix-en-Provence Argonauts
Avignon Warriors
Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons
Cannes Iron Mask
Grenoble Centaures
St-Etienne Giants
Toulon Cannoniers
Toulouse Ours

On Monday, my bride and I take off one last time to relax before coming home to be full-time Grandparents and a J.V. football coach with our son Michael at Newbury Park H.S.

We will fly to Barcelona, easily our favorite city in Spain, and then rent a car to drive to our final destination, Cadaqués on the Costa Brava.

We will return to Lyon on Friday after reclining at this Spanish beach and becoming somewhat comatose to be sure.

Here are some pictures off of the internet of Cadaqués which Salvador Dalí called home for many years.

The Water Looks Nice

It was a simple fishing
village for many years

I think that we're
going to like it!

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