Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cadaqués Day II and the Salvador Dalí House

Our first full day in Cadaqués would bring a mixed bag of weather as we had sun, cloud cover and even a little rain.

Not to worry, we still enjoyed a full day lazing about.

Lots of cats in Cadaqués

Almost all of them sport some variation of this black and white theme.

Old School Road Sign

It will soon open for lunch

Nice Patio

I like blue

Dos Claras, por favor

A Clara is half beer, half Seven-Up and all hot Summer day.

Tell me some tales of the sea

Rocky beaches are the norm

Tito Perez?

Lazy Lane

Prototypical Mediterranean Street

Koreen FitzGerald
Another "Frigerator" backer?

The view of the harbor from the
Santa Maria Church

Church Candle

Ornate Main Altar

St. George

We need more Sun . . .

. . . All would seem to agree

A typical Electrical Box

Remember, Cadaqués prides itself on being an art colony, so this simply will not do.

Artists take your best shots . . .


Much Better

Very Good


A bit different

Nice work Cadaqués Art Community!

One of Cadaqués' Beaches

Nice day to sit and read outdoors

Time for more Claras

Our Secluded Beach of Choice

Laurie in the Mediterranean

Some paint for the sake of art,
others for the sake of maintenance

Late afternoon Snacks and Vino Tinto

After a good beach day, we went back to our hotel to clean up and decided to drive over to Port Lligat only five minutes away to visit . . .

The Salvador Dalí House

This world renowned Surrealist artist called this his home from 1930 to 1982. It definitely showed the, shall we say, interesting tastes of Dalí!

Polar Bear in the Entryway

Mini-view of his cove

One of the Dalí House's many patios

Changing Room for Dalí's Models

The one and only bedroom

Dalí did not want overnight guests.


On the right, partly obscured, is a copy of Time magazine with Dalí gracing it's cover. Dalí was the first Spaniard to make it to the cover of Time magazine.

This must have irritated Generalissimo Franco to no end.


Interesting but not sure of its purpose


Piano Art

Tile Man

By his Roof Top Egg

Roof Top Heads

Eclectic Pool

Say, by the pool, isn't that . . .

. . . Why, yes it is, The Michelin Man!

Fashioned after Mae West's Lips

Poolside Cushions

Good spot for that lighthouse beacon, Salvador.

Salvador, what the . . .

Rusting Bike

Old Sundial

Port Lligat Cove

The Dalí House took us about 40 minutes to view. It was quite interesting and bizarre as well.

Much like its designer I'm sure.

Back in Cadaqués, it was time for dinner. Where to go?

With a name like that it HAS to be good!

Pasta in a "Puttanesca" sauce?

We started the meal with three different orders of tapas which were all delightful.

For my main course, I had to try the Tagliolini à la "Puttanesca." I just had to!

The sauce was incredibly hot as in Spicy Coyote hot, not heat hot. My head started sweating profusely after two bites.

I was in deep trouble!

But I had to finish it as a matter of culinary honor.

I would pay the price for this decision all night long!

As we say in my native France about situations like this one . . . PUTAIN DE MERDE!!!

Good Night Cadaqués!


David Fion said...

In spain they have sun and much more vivid colors, but we got the PAIN AU CHOCOLAT for christ's sake !

See you tomorrow before you leave !

George said...

How can you be SO cruel David????