Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surprising Thun

I woke up this morning to find it cold with snow flurries in the air.

I decided to go into town to first find a few basic necessities. After that, I also explored what was at the end of the #1 and #3 bus lines or at least go as far as my two zone city pass would take me.

First, the #3 bus line from the Thun Bahnhof to the Allmendingen stop about ten minutes away.

Interesting Vine

As usual, Not Real

I wonder if he owns a Tiger too?

Now, that would brighten up game days.

What the . . .

Just past the Arena Thun, home of the FC Thun fussball (soccer) team, bus stop I came across a nine hole. par 3, pitch and putt golf course.

Thun is becoming a more amazing and diverse city each and every day!

More about FC Thun later.

Winter Rules Golf

Today's main rule was "We are closed!"

I hope that they can rent me a couple of clubs when they open, I'm ready to tee it up in the Alps.

I liked the name of this place

The mini-pancakes with chocolate syrup were quite good as was the cappuccino.

Perfect after a walk in the country.

After retracing my steps back to the train station, I boarded the #1 bus for another ten minute ride from the Thun Bahnhof to the Gwattzentrum stop which is as far as my bus pass takes me on this line.

This building, specializing in
blown glass, caught my eye

The exterior was a lot more exciting than the glasswares inside.

More of a '50s Diner look

I was walking and the rain was increasing, I was tempted to go in but my body is a temple.

I kept walking, besides, the mini-pancakes were quite filling.

Tattooed but still, Not Real

Laurie likes Lady Bugs


Are these vintage Fiat 500s for sale? I will be in need of some new wheels when I return to Camarillo as we donated my 12 year old Chrysler LHS to charity last month

Yellow is my color and I would look ever so dashing in one of these classic Italian cars.

This is just wrong!

And, Not Real.

Cheese Shaver

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, this charming girl sets up a tent across from the Thun Bahnhof and sells cheeses and meats.

I bought delicious cheese from her the first day that I strolled into downtown weeks ago and am now a proud repeat customer.

Today she must have offered me samples of six different cheeses and five meats. This alone almost filled my delicate stomach.

I purchsed a wedge of her strongest cheese and a small slab of speck, a delicious Tyrolian ham.

Strangely, I have not been able to find one of these cheese shavers in any store in cheese crazy Thun. The young sales girl told me that she bought hers in Bern and that she had never seen one for sale in Thun.

So, I decided to take this picture and show it around town to see if anyone had a clue as to where to buy one. In the first store that I entered, the Coop City, I could not find one but when I showed this picture to the sales lady she took me right to one.

I am now complete.

Except for the no Laurie part.

That reminds me . . .

The Catania Elephants open their 2012 Italian Football League campaign this Saturday in Milan against the Seamen. They actually had a home game scheduled for last weekend againt the Milan Deamons but it was postponed when the Elephants could not come up with a field to play on.


Ticket to my first FC Thun home game

After checking out the golf course at the beginning of the afternoon, I dropped by the Arena Thun to buy a ticket to the March 31st, Swiss Axpo Super Fussball League game between current #1 FC Basel (13-7-2 = 46 points) and current #4 FC Thun (8-7-7 = 31 points).

It should be raucous fun.


David said...

And the great thing about buying one of those Fiat 500s is that you could easily fit it in your suitcase for the trip home.

George said...

Goes in the overhead as carry-on luggage.

Ryan Bolland said...

I see you have found another piece of our import/export business...