Thursday, March 1, 2012

Road Trip with the Baumanns

The Google Analytics report on the blog for the month of February has been released. During this 29 day period, this blog was visited by 5,201 visitors from 112 different countries.

My ten favorite visitor countries this month were Zambia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Uzbekistan, Réunion (?), Qatar, Cuba, Nepal, Macedonia, Oman and Vietnam.

Amazing thing this internet, thanks for tuning in everybody!

In the morning I needed to run a few quick errands in town but I decided to walk a very different path to see a few new things up close.

Farm Fresh Eggs Daily

Unfortunately, they are only open from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. I'm usually someplace else at this time of day.

I'll have to reset my very busy social calendar.

Llamas in Thun?

Not 100% sure but I do think that they are indeed llamas. Do you have any idea?

I like the color blue too

Not Real

No Comment

Helvetica on a Sunny Afternoon

My flat is on the top floor, that top window is where I sit at my computer looking out at the Alps every morning.

At 3:00 p.m., I was picked up by the Baumann Family (Phillip, Martina, Lena and Aaron) for a . . .

Road Trip!!!

We all five squeezed into their Volvo and we were off to try to do the impossible . . .
The Circumnavigation of
the Thunersee in One Day!

According to all of my in-depth internet research, such a thing had never been done, we would be the first to do it, if successful.

We climbed up the mountain from Helvetica into some incredibly beautiful farm land with roads so narrow that we were forced to back up on more than one occasion so as to avoid have a slow speed head on collision.

This touch of danger would make our journey so much the better if we could complete our task.

An Old Mountain Home

We saw several like this one on the drive.

The Thunersee below us

In English, the Thunersee is Lake Thun.

People living in a Disney Fantasyland

Hey, I'm one of them!

Top Notch Health Spa on the Thunersee

The Baumanns think that I should take Laurie here when she arrives.

I agree.

That's a restaurant with
quite a view I suspect

Maybe we'll eat there after our spa treatments at Beatus.

Half way around the Thunersee

We had heard that the main reasons no one had ever circumnavigated the Thunersee in one day were exhaustion and starvation.

Thus we stopped to recharge our batteries at this lakeside spot, the Hotel Neuhas near Interlaken.

The Cappuccinos were dandy!

So was the sunny day.

Part of the Hotel Neuhaus grounds

Martina and Lena checking out this . . .


Sun setting behind "The Pyramid"

Ah, the Alps

We had to move quickly if we were going to make it. It all went according to plan and now you can place our five names next to other great explorers like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Ferdinand Magellan.

Yes, we did it, the first known human beings to ever circumnavigate the Thunersee in just one day.

Philipp and Aaron

Father and son celebrating the today's triumph of the human spirit.

My facts could be wrong about this event.

Vermicelles Dessert

After our day on the road, we returned to Baumannhaus for a delicious meat loaf dinner followed by this very healthy dessert.

Thank you Baumanns for sharing a wonderful day with me, MERCI!

Tomorrow morning we load up a bus with our two Junior teams (U-19 and U-16) and leave at 6:00 a.m. for a three day camp that includes two-a-day practices on Friday and Saturday and then a three way scrimmage Sunday morning with the Junior squads of the Bienna Jets and the Lugano Lakers.

The camp is about a five hour bus ride away in the Italian speaking south of Switzerland near the town of Mendrisio in village called Castel San Pietro.

Wish us luck!

R.I.P. Davey Jones of The Monkees


David said...

I'm not sure I'd consider a spa called "BeatUs" my first choice for a relaxing treatment.

David said...

I'm not sure I'd consider a spa called "BeatUs" my first choice for a relaxing treatment.

Olivier R said...

Réunion is the french island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean George!

George said...


Thank you for the geography update on La Réunion.