Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kunstmuseum Thun

After more washing and vacuuming this morning, I decided to head into town to do a little shopping and visit the Kunstmuseum Thun, the city's art museum.

Excitement at the Migros Supermarket

Nope, both in German.

Old Chimney

Part of being "a tourist in your own town" is to open your eyes to the everyday things in your world like this ancient and interesting chimney.

With my shopping finished, it was off to . . .

The Golden Days Exhibit

This exhibit highlights the work of two Swiss artists Francis Baudevin and Dominik Stauch.

While Baudevin works in abstract and geometric color compositions, Stauch uses a mix of photography and ornamentation in his view of an abstract world. They were both interesting but I must admit that abstract and geometric works are not at the top of my art favorites.

What I did find very interesting was a featured exhibit by Dutch artist Daan Van Golden. His contribution to Golden Days was a set of 70 black and white photos entitled "Golden Years." His concept was both simple and novel. He picked one newspaper picture from papers all over the world per year for each of the first 70 years of his life. Exhibited in chronological order, he opted for each photo as a chronicle of his life's story on purely aesthetic criteria.

My favorite of Van Golden's pictures is the one below.

Big Jay McNeely
at the Olympic Auditorium
1951, Los Angeles, California

I love the swooning white boys in the front row.

I may have to start combing the dailys for Tank and The Doctor.

Now for some of the rest of the exhibit.

I WANT this drum!

Hmmm . . .

I liked the Kunstmuseum's geometric floor patterns better than Baudevin's orange ones at the far end.

But that is just me.

I also liked this pattern
in a Kunstmuseum Fireplace

Reminder to self, buy wine for Laurie's arrival

The last three photos are of the Kunstmuseum itself not the exhibit.


This is part of the exhibit. Cut six holes into a round table and voilá, instant art.

Actually, I liked this piece.

A lot.

Four Asterisks

My rankings?

Van Golden's photo exhibit was clearly the #1 part of the visit for me.

SWEET . . .


Just randomly parked in the streets of Thun, it may be part of the Kunstmuseum's next exhibit.

Annemarie Sutter

As I got off the bus at my stop next to Helvetica, this nice lady who also got off the #32 bus, approached me asking "Are you the coach of the Thun Tigers?"

"Yes, I am damn proud to say, YES I AM!" was my basic response.

Who was she? None other than blog watcher and the sister of our Defensive Coordinator Ueli Sutter.

Annemarie is a nice lady who, come to find out, is in possession of highly classified and very sensitive information about a super secret book store in Zürich that has a large English language section.

What Jack Reacher do?

Now it was off to the best part of just about every day in Switzerland . . .


It was a beautiful afternoon and tonight it was the U-16 squad's turn in another smallish indoor facility.

Here you see QB Angelo Valentino, "The Italian Stallion," warming up by trying to sink a basket at the far end of the gym with this spiralling bomb.

We'll say he made it.

I can not tell you how much fun I'm having with both Junior teams and with Stephan Pulver who coaches the U-19 team and has run the last two U-16 practices due to the U-16 coach's work conflicts. The Juniors are all like little sponges trying to absorb every bit of knowledge that they can.


Hard workers, willing learners with good attitudes . . . what is not to like about the 2012 Thun Tiger Juniors?

Another great day in Fantasyland!!


Angelo Valentino said...

Great Picture ;-)

Daniele Valentino said...

that was a nice training :-)