Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Concert and a Comedy


Every Swiss male is required to serve his country in the military at the age of 20. After an 18-21 week training course, the new soldier will be on active duty for about ten months. After finishing their active duty period, these soldiers return to civilian life but are in the reserves until the age of 28.

All weapons issued to these citizen-soldiers will then belong to them. They take theier weapons home after their active duty time is over. They must maintain them properly and pass proficiency tests annually on an approved shooting range.

There is a provision for a longer period of non-military service to the country if one opts out of serving in the Armed Forces.

Since Switzerland has a long standing tradition of neutrality, their Armed Forces are not involved in conflicts with other countries but they are involved in peace keeping missions.

Michael Spring

We had our usual Wednesday night indoor practice for the U-16 team tonight.

Michael Spring is my favorite Tiger. He is a U-16 but comes to every U-19 practice as well. He is a back-up QB on the U-16 squad but his true position is at outside LB where he starts for the U-19s.

He is one of those players with an infectious positive attitude and a work ethic that makes everyone around him better.

He cares about winning, there is no greater tribute.

Singsaal Schulhaus Reutigen Auditorium

After the U-16 practice, I boarded the #55 bus for the first time for the 15 minute ride to Reutigen.

The reason for this journey was a night of music and a comedic play in German.

Bruno Krebs
Tuba playing Right Guard for the Tigers

Bruno was the reason that I attended this fun event tonight. He plays a very mean tuba for his community band that is about 50 musicians strong. This fine band has members in their 20s all the way up to seasoned musicians about my age.

They put on a great concert with "In the Mood" being my personal favorite tune for the night.

After the five tune plus one encore song concert, a very funny comedy followed the intermission. It was all in German, so I had to rely on all of my silent movie watching techniques to try and follow the action. Thank goodness I saw the movie "The Artist."

The play had everybody roaring with laughter and I did get the main idea of the plot, "On to Barcelona!"

Still, the tuba playing was by far the highlight of my evening,


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David said...

German comedy? I always heard that was an oxymoron along the lines of jumbo shrimp.