Friday, March 9, 2012

Bus #1 to Steffisburg

The Sun was back in Fantasyland today which was great after yesterday's cold weather.

After spending the morning finishing up our offensive game plan for Sunday's scrimmage in Lugano against the host Lakers, I headed to the Thun Bahnhof to catch the#1 bus for the 16 minute ride to the village of Steffisburg.

Dredging Finished

They have been working on dredging up the river bottom here since I arrived in Thun. They finally finished this week and the sluices are now open to the fast following Aare River.

The Picturesque village of Steffisburg



Berries are blooming

Steffisburg's Dorfkirche

Dorf means village and kirche means church. So, literally, this is Steffisburg's Village Church.

Moses and the Tablets I believe

After visiting this pleasant church, it was on to the dorf!

Food as Art

A party tray was ready for somebody and it looked good to me.

A sign in need of a little paint

A Hidden Gem

This charming bakery is partially hidden on a Steffisburg side street. Their cheesecake strudel looked great but tasted even better.

I'll be making trips to Galli's often I am sure, it will be the basis of many a good fika this Spring!

A big barn with . . .

Several awards for thier excellent milk

But where were the prize winning cows? I sure didn't see or, more importantly, smell any.

Pig Boy

Well kept sign

An adler is an eagle

The Village Bank

We had practice tonight with both the Seniors and Juniors in a large indoor gym and it was indeed a beautiful night for an American football practice!

So beautiful that 52 players showed up


And they were intense as well!

One thing that I love about the Tigers, we bring it every time that we practice! We are learning to play faster every time that we suit up.

Don't try this at home