Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spiez and a Spring Day

Up and at 'em early today as we had a 2 1/2 hour Junior practice on tap at 9:30 a.m.

Still indoors but the Tigers practiced hard

A quick sidenote, we practice at three different gyms in town and they all have a wide variety of equipment available for any team using the facility. No one monitors it, it is all done on the honor system. So far the gyms have been clean, i.e., no trash or no graffiti, and everyone automatically puts every piece of equipment used back in the storage area neatly.

Now there is something that you would never see in America.

I had decided that after practice today I would re-join the #1 bus for a 20 minute ride to the Lake Thun southshore town of . . .

I had heard that Spiez was a quiet but interesting little town with its own castle.

There it is, Schloss Spiez

Schloss means castle, I took this shot from the Spiez Bahnhof (train station).

I wonder what would possess someone to build it here?

Oh, that's right, the views

With the Alps on one side of the schloss and the Thunersee (Lake Thun) on the other, I guess this spot will do.

Before I got there though, I ran into . . .

This nice Reform Church with . . .

An old Cemetery

A well kept, ornate cemetery at that

The Schloss Spiez up close

Cool entry doors

They would be perfect at the Rio Mesa H.S. gym.

Heraldic Crest of the von Bubenburg
and/or the von Erlach families

Not sure which, over the years these two families controlled Schloss Spiez.

Chapel at Schloss Spiez

Adrian von Bubenburg

Dapper fellow.

The view of Lake Thun from Schloss Spiez

What time was it?

Can't tell from this old sun dial

Not sure about this one either

A litle help here, please!

This clock can't be right either

Time must stand still here in Fantasyland.

Looks like the work of Master House Painter
Steve Burkhardt to me

If a strong wind comes up, it could get interesting


Italian Restaurant Sign

Happy Gas Station Sign

If I was making this much money selling a liter of gasoline or diesel, I'd be smiling too!

Birth Announcement Sign

These are a quite common sight in the greater Thun megalopolis.

Andy and Jenn, Mike and Vanessa . . . are you listening?

Maxibon - #1 Ranked Ice Cream
on the Camino de Santiago

That reminds me,

The Catania Elephants of the Italian Football League won their 2012 season opener today 53-35 in Milan against the Seamen.

The Sicilians are at it again!!!

Wells Fargo???

The view from my bus stop in Spiez

It made the ten minute wait go a tad faster.

Once safely back in Thun, I opted to check out the . . .

Kirche Scherzligen with its . . .

Ancient Murals


You find spigots of free flowing water like this all over Switzerland. The water is clean, cold and refreshing. Always take the time to refill your personal water bottle at one of these fountains.

Thun's Schloss Schadau

This Schloss has a nice view of Lake Thun as well

The temperature was in the 50º+ range, the Sun was shining and Spring was in the air! Time for people to get out and enjoy the day.

Some played a game of Boule

I saw this game played in Sweden, it has elements of horseshoes and shuffleboard only you use these metal balls to try and get as close as possible to the little yellow ball that is tossed out first.

Reverse Spin Technique

Total Concentration while smoking

Powerful magnet on a wire

No unneccesary bending for these old pros!

You can smoke a pipe while playing as well

No Boule for you, how about going for a . . .

Quiet sail on the lake

Still no? OK, let's try beginning . . .

Tight Rope Walking

Not enough danger for you? How about a ride in a . . .


The plane towing this glider released it about five seconds after I took this photo.

Maybe we should just take in the beauty of nature.

Swan near Schloss Schadau

Buds in Spiez

Wildflowers in Thun

Weathered posts in Lake Thun

Heraldry on a huge Lake Boat like . . .

This one

In a few more weeks, several of these large crafts will ply the waters of Lake Thun to make for even more enjoyable days ahead.

I wonder if my neighbors fully realize the beauty of their surroundings?

"Gosh, I wish I could take her to
a romantic spot just to talk for a bit.
But where, where could we possibly go?"


Off to Lugano bright an early tomorrow with our Senior team for our final scimmage before our season opener in three weeks. We scrimmage the Seniors from the Lugano Lakers club. It will be about a four hour bus ride to Lugano, sounds like bonding time to me.

Should be fun!


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