Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Highland Cattle

Swiss Fact-of-the-Day

Swiss electrical engineer, Georges de Mestal (1907-1990), discovered and developed the idea of the Velcro fastener after picking seed pods out ok his dog's fur on a walk in 1948

After being out and about the last four days, it was time to come back to reality today as it was laundry day. I got two loads done in the usual 2 hours per load. Our washing machine may be slow but it is very efficient.

I also had to do some major grocery shopping as I was out of everything.

Having accomplished all of this in the morning, I decided to catch the bus in front of Helvetica and head up the hill to further explore on foot some of the excellent sights that I first saw last Thursday riding in the Baumann's car.

I got off after about ten stops and was in the high country farmlands above Lake Thun.

Farm House by the Bus Stop


Decorative Straw Things

Fire Wood

This is big business in these parts!

Mini Hillside Vineyards

What is this shack about?

Honor System farming it turns out

In the blue box you will find cheeses, to the right pastas but my eye got caught by the apple juices in the middle.

3.20 Swiss Francs and the large bottle was mine but only after placing the right amount of money in the little pink box on the right.

I did.


The main reason I came up this way again was to see some farm animals and hear "more cowbell."

Ewe and Lambs


Their small bullpen was GREAT!

This breed of cattle's appearance is interesting to say the least.

I'm not awake yet

I can't see you

Has anybody seen my horn?


This IS my best side

Hey, that IS a nice view!

I'm having a bad hair day

The Alpha Bull

After the upland tour, it was time for our usual U-19 indoor practice. I had seven offensive linemen to work with, we got a lot done for sure.

Reading is FUNdamental

After reading this book, it confirmed what I had already observed in the last three weeks living in magical Switzerland.

First, the Swiss are very cultured and nothing that is done here shocks me. Still, it was good to know what the do's and dont's are of this awesome country are.


David said...

Ha! I actually guessed correctly about the honor-system booth, having seen the same thing on a small island in British Columbia many years ago.

Did the Culture Shock book save you from any significant gaffes? I remember reading one for Australia and learned, helpfully, that when one person takes a taxi, it is considered very bad form to sit in the back seat. If you don't sit up front in the passenger seat, you're putting on airs.

George said...


No, overall the book and the people here are both very straight forward, nothing quirky.

Common courtesy and common sense are the rules of the day in Switzerland.