Monday, March 19, 2012

Laid Back Monday

After the good but extremely early morning news about the birth of Jacob Vincent Contreras, I could not go back to sleep. This was a good thing as it forced me to do three loads of laundry which take two hours and two minutes each, so my morning dance card was full. It was all good as the weather was still a bit on the cold and rainy side.

In the afternoon I got out my umbrella and headed into town for the usual minor but necessary shopping.

The City Wall Ramparts were still standing

It IS an Olympic sport, you know

The Swiss have a rich, storied history in this Winter sport. I hope to see some action at this Curlinghalle in Thun.

The rain turned a very normal looking tree into . . .

An Interesting Mosaic

It was still raining when I got back to Helvetica. I had just enough time to make a quick dinner before heading out to our 7:30 p.m. U-19 practice.

The suddenly snow covered plant
by the entrance to Helvetica

I was wearing shorts comfortably at practice Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Not Tonight!

The U-19 squad had an outdoor practice on their agenda.

The Frozen Tundra of Thun

The U-19s adapted and persevered in our next to last practice before the season opener next Sunday against our old friends, the Lugano Lakers. Good work as usual tonight despite the weather conditions.

Speaking of Season Openers . . .

The 2012 Swiss NLB American Football League season starts this weekend with a pair of games.

Sunday, March 25th
Luzern Lions (0-0) at Basel Meanmachine (0-0)
LUCAF Owls (0-0) at Fribourg Cardinals (0-0)

BYES: Geneva Seahawks (0-0) and Thun Tigers (0-0)

We'll have to wait one more week to get our campaign started.

Meanwhile back in Italy . . .

The Catania Elephants (1-1) lost for the first time this season at the hands of the Ancona Dolphins (2-0) by a tally of 37-27.

The Italian Football League's standings are now as follows:

Ancona Dolphins 2-0
Bologna Warriors 3-1
Parma Panthers 3-1
Bolzano Giants 2-1

Milan Rhinos 2-1
Reggio-Emilia Hogs 2-1
Catania Elephants 1-1
Milan Daemons 1-1

Bergamo Lions 1-2
Bologna Doves 0-2
Lazio Marines 0-3
Milan Seamen 0-3

The Elephants hope to bounce back by means of a road game to Bologna to take on the 0-2 Doves.

Travel Day on Tuesday, just not sure where yet, the Adventure continues.

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