Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ho-Hum Thursday


Switzerland's small size meant that it would probably always only be a pawn in European power games but the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in 1882 made it a key player with the best route in the continent for north-south travel.

Not a lot to report today as most of the day was spent cleaning Helvetica and preparing for the Tiger's Senior team camp this weekend.

In the afternoon I did slip into town to explore a bit by boarding the #3 bus at the Thun Bahnhof to its terminus at Alte Bernstrasse.


For a second, from a distance, I thought this might have been an archery range.

Vintage 1937 Covered Bridge

It spans a small stream called the Zulg.

The Thunerhof at dusk

After an afternoon meeting with Ueli to go over our Senior's Kicking Game personnel, I headed to the Morris Restaurant to eat dinner and meet with Stephan Pulver and our Junior QB Nicolas Leibundgut to game plan for their season opener next weekend against our old friends, the Lugano Lakers in Lugano.

Team Handball Practice

I dropped by the Sporthalle Lachen near Morris before our meeting and caught a little of this team's practice.

The meeting lasted for about two hours and was quite productive.

On to the Senior Team Camp!!!

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