Thursday, July 24, 2008

English Premie League Arsenal's Newest Fan

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I was flirting with becoming an Arenal football Club fan. They play in the English Premier League considered by Jason Johnson as the best league top to bottom in the world.

My friend David Lassen who is VERY into football/calcio/soccer told me that I would be joining, until recent years, the English version of the Chicago Cubs. That cinched it for me,

Arsenal Memorabilia

I got an Arsenal decal, the very cool Arsenal scarf and the Nick Hornby book "Fever Pitch". The Hornby book is a hilarious look at life as an Arsenal fan.

In my first few days as a Gunner, here is what has happened to our team according to the London papers:

1. Emmauel Adebayor tells a teammate he may not sign with the Barcelona side.

2. Bacary Sagna expects to be ready for the new campaign as he returns from an ankle injury.

3. The Paris Saint-Germain team is trying hard to sign Gunner William Gallas which has drawn the anger of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

4. Forward Eduardo Da Silva will miss the first two months of the season while still recovering from a badly broken leg.

5. Star Gunner defender Kolo Toure, an Ivory Coast native, has contracted... MALARIA!

I'm am now rooting for a team with a key player battling MALARIA?

David, this is already WAY better than being a Cubs fan!


JTwice said...

I can't believe you are a GUNNER...

we are now arch enemies and I may be forced to throw beer bottles at you the next time we cross paths. If you read closely in the British papers, there is a big rift going on in the Arsenal locker room with players leaving left and right... Sir Alex Ferguson of your Manchester United has already written them off for the 2008-9 season... but best of luck to you!!! haha...

Now you are required to go back on my blog and download the arsenal stadium shot to be your new screensaver!


ps Got home safe and sound late yesterday... checked 4 fifty pound bags on air canada and not even an eye-brow was raised... i love this country!

DPLassen said...

J2, I was wondering how you were going to take that news. And if I'd known you were flying Air Canada, I would have known there wouldn't be any problems in checking several tons of luggage; they were probably apologetic for how long it took.

George said...


Our master plan is to infect all the other team's key offensive players with malaria thus setting up a terrific second half of the season surge! MARK MY WORDS!!!

Why is it that deep down I knew that you would be able to schmooze all your stuff home?

Damn, we are the Chicago Cubs of the EPL.