Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joe Mollica's Triumphant Arrival in Florence

I met Paul Stanley at the Florence Airport, have I already mentioned that?

When Joe Mollica's Alitalia flight arrived in Florence the town seemed calm enough but it would soon be embroiled in a huge feeding frenzy!

Florence's Duomo was stop Number One!

I do NOT tire of the view from this side of the Duomo.

Joe at the gate of the Florentine Baptistry

Jason recommended this eating establishment

The paper place mat even had an artist's rendering of the first time I took Laurie to eat Italian food at Michele's Ristorante in Hollywood back in 1965!

Joe and his Filet ala Balsamica

Jason was SO RIGHT about this place and don't forget their San Diego location if you are ever down that way.

Joe and Machiavelli discussing the possibilities for Rio Mesa's new principal.

This might have been our only gelato of the evening.

We got these at Caffe' delle Carrozze near the Ponte Vecchio.

I'm pretty sure that these were our only gelatos but I could be mistaken.

This chalk drawing was done on one of Florence's cobbled streets.

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