Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final Paris Thoughts

The Eiffel Tower...
one last time

As we prepare to fly to London for the last days of our version of the Grand Tour, I must reflect on the four great days we spent here.

First, is there any better place on earth to spend your 37th wedding anniversary? Doubtful!

After seven months in Europe visiting so many cities in eight different countries, both big and small, I had come up with a theory that two days in any city was enough to see all it had to offer.

Paris is the exception to the rule. I feel as if we have only scratched the surface of the "City of Light." There is SO much to see and do here! We will definitely be back in Paris next spring.

Why the love affair with Paris? As Birgit, our table-mate from Switzerland last night at Restaurant Chartier, so clearly put it in trying to describe her feelings about this wonderful city, "Paris is the color of life!"

I can not agree or state it any more clearly than Birgit.

Adieu Paris!

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