Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adieu Paris, Cheers London!

On Monday, we took a noon flight from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport to London's Luton Airport to start the final leg of our Grand Tour.

I am proud to announce that after walking together in Catania, Bolzano, Bergamo, Madrid, Logrono, Barcelona, Paris and now London, Laurie and I just got word from the United States Olympic Committee that we are now alternates on the 2008 U.S. Team heading to Beijing in a few days.

It was grueling but I truly believe that we earned our spot as the only alternates for the Pairs Figure Walking competition in China!

One last look out of our Paris hotel window

What is a modernized statue of a Spartan doing in London?

A positive omen for the Rio Mesa Spartans perhaps?

Sir Christopher Wren's magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral behind the much newer Millennium Bridge

Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were married here. It's a tough old church having survived 57 nights of Nazi bombing raids during the Battle of Britain.

The Globe Theatre

This is the spot where William Shakespeare debuted many of his plays. The current building is smaller than the original but still holds plays on a regular basis, just not tonight...STRIKE TWO!

Piccadilly Circus

This area is alive by day and by night. We decided to take one more shot at going to a play.

"The 39 Steps" at the Criterion Theatre in very nearby in Piccadilly Circus

I had seen this hilarious four person play last January but could not enjoy it as much as I should have due to lack of sleep.

Laurie really liked the play and I did too, at least the parts I could stay awake for, I'm STILL suffering from sleep deprivation!

One last look at Piccadilly Circus as we exited the play.

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