Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Gimignano

Before going to the Florence Airport to meet Paul Stanley (David Lassen called my "What the Hell..." blog a shameless Kiss and tell story) and to pick up my friend Joe Mollica, I again visited the hilltop Tuscan town of San Gimignano.

After I dropped off our son Mike and his fiance, Vanessa, a few weeks ago at the Pisa Centrale Train station I took the time to very briefly visit this ancient, tower filled city in the middle of the Tuscan wine country and decided to spend more time their on this trip. I was not disappointed in the least.

San Gimignano's Vehicle Entrance Road

Turret overlooking the Piazza as you walk into San Gimignano

I was too afraid to go in here!

This is a BIG ceramics selling center, as witnessed by this BBQ.

The Main Piazza inside the old city walls.

Near a church entry way

A lonely sign of beauty in an ecru world

Nice House!
Is it laundry day AGAIN?

Some of the town's signature towers

The Main Piazza from a new point of view

One of the many views of Tuscany

More Towers

Did I mention that I met Paul Stanley from KISS?


DPLassen said...

Interestingly, our Olympic softball player, Jessica Mendoza, recommended San Gimignano to me recently when we were talking about Italy. I'll be interested to hear more about it.

George said...

David P.,

San Gimignano is a delightful little city in which to spend about half a day. Lot's of very good ceramic shops, beautiful vistas of Tuscany and, of course, the medieval feel.

I did come back to see it after only driving through it a few weeks ago and I was not disappointed.