Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Triumphant March Into Paris

We decided to give the granita at Mythos one more chance Thursday morning before flying to Paris for four days. 


We have seen this lady running regularly in Aci Castello, Aci Trezza and downtown Catania since arriving in January. She is always well dressed for a runner and moving at a fast clip. Since she would give us a high five when she'd cruise by us, Jason gave her the nickname, "Dame' Cinque", i.e., "Give Me Five"!

She told me once that she runs 20 kilometers a day, seven days a week! DAMN!!!

As of Thursday, Jason now uses a murse!

My admiration for Gustavo is getting VERY complicated!


How to describe our first day in "The City of Light"?

How about BAM!, AMAZING!, Like Aci Castelo on STEROIDS! or EXPONENTIALLY more expensive than Catania!

We enjoyed our first meal at a Paris sidewalk cafe.

The mustard was HOT!

As we walked towards the Notre Dame Cathedral, out of nowhere, up popped the Eiffel Tower!

The French Senate Building


Water Spitting Dragons make me tingly all over my body!

The Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame's South Tower

Notre Dame, Flying Buttresses and all

The Berthillon ice dream parlor in Ile Saint Louis

This place is so popular that they have three locations on the same street about two blocks from each other.

The Orange Sanguine sorbet I had was INTENSE! Now back home in Catania, a good gelato in a cone costs about 1.80 Euros and is the size of my fist. In Paris this delicious sorbet was also served in a cone but costs 2.50 Euros and is the size of a ping-pong ball!

For the Contreras boys, that's our Notre Dame on our 37th Wedding anniversary in the foreground.

Weird faces on the Pont Neuf

Why is the Pont Neuf so familiar sounding?

I'm not sure what the name this building is near the Pont Neuf, but it looks great at night when you are strolling by!

The latest creation in Parisian Fashion by the House of Fendi.

The last thing we saw before getting back to our hotel for the evening.

Paris is everything we expected and more! The temperatures and humidity have both been down so walking is very pleasurable. It feels like springtime not the middle of July. We are both having a delightful time!!!

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