Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Major Tuscan Sights

Joe Mollica's first full day in Tuscany was a busy one indeed.

Our intial stop, after coffee and cornettos, was the Medici Chapels containing the tombs of the Medici and featuring some very impressive sculptures by Michelangelo.

The Medici Popes

I'm not sure if this ceremonial piece belonged to Pope Leo X (Pope from 1513-1521), the son of Lorenzo Il Magnifico, or to Pope Clement VII (Pope from 1523-1534), the illegitimate son of Giuliano Medici and the adopted stepson of Lorenzo Il Magnifico.

I LOVE my religions sketchy history!

Michelangelo's "Night" Statue

What is that owl looking at?

We like to celebrate art history moments with Vivoli's gelato!

Dante Alighieri

"What the hell! Are those two guys eating gelato without me?"

At Florence's Santa Croce Church you'll find Michelangelo's tomb.

A scene from the Uffizi Gallery

Brunelleschi's Dome in the background as we stand atop the Uffizi Gallery.

Caravaggio's famous beheaded Medusa painted on a shield.

The inspiration for the
"Creature from the Black Lagoon"?

Pisa's "Field of Miracles"

Joe and Pisa's Leaning Tower

I love these rich Tuscan tones!

Cardinal of the Month
July, 1589

Pisa's Cathedral


DPLassen said...

Hey, wait a minute ... don't they have a no-camera policy at the Uffizi Gallery?

George said...

I learned from the Master of the Sistine Chapel Clandestine Photo-Op Syndicate!

DPLassen said...

OK then ... between that, my brother (nice photo of the David at the Accademia) and you, we've pretty much hit for the cycle in terms of adopting a very Italian version of respect for rules at major museums.

I figured you'd come around in time.

George said...