Saturday, July 5, 2008

Laurie's Return to Malibu

All is well in Malibu now that my bride Laurie has made her triumphant return!

Her arrival on Air Oz Flight #2546 was right on time!

Our first stop was Mythos for a granita and a cafe.

New Practice Field

On Thursday night we were treated to practice on a new turf field. Our practices Thursday and Friday nights were well attended and spirited.

The Fourth of July at Letojanni

I hadn't been to the beach since last Sunday so we gladly accepted Lucky's invitation to a great day at his beach house in Letojanni just north of Taormina.

Lucky, his wife, Federica and sons Daniele and Simone were excellent hosts!

They prepared a delicious lunch and treated us to a fine day of sun and surf. The water 

Lucky and Federica's boys found a starfish for my enjoyment.

The Fourth of July, the Ionian Sea, my bride...

After dinner and a gelato, we joined Brandon and the boys at the Fundo Bianco.

Pino Anello

Pino, a LB/DE, is a 27 year veteran of the IFL wars!

The evening takes a bizarre turn.

Can the Fundo Bianco be classified as a beer garden?

Laurie Contreras
Code name "Eva"


Atilio owns the Fundo Bianco with his bartending mother, Anna.

He is wearing the Camarillo, Californa H-D's store T-shirt that Laurie gave him.

The Fundo Bianco and Flaming Drinks...
a Catania Tradition

Be careful Joe!

Anna, Laurie, Atilio and yours truly

Note the Fundo Bianco tote bag Atilio gave Laurie in return for the T-Shirt.

Brandon, Mathieu and Gilly preparing for the Semi-Finals

The Perfect Ending to a Great Night

Joe's first Jonathan's panino was a breaded cutlet, cheese and fries creation.

At 3:00 a.m. what could be better?


david santos said...

Ciao George, come và? Spero tutto bene per te. Buon lavoro. Un abbraccio e un buon fine settimana.

DPLassen said...

And with a single photo, your chances of a political career are gone.

George said...

Not in Italy!