Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Annual Season Ending Calcio Matches

It is an Elephant's tradition to hold a year ending three 20 minute game calcio extravaganza to celebrate our season. It was held at a very nice private, lit, field turf complex that has two fields side by side. The fields are big enough to play 8 man teams and has netting all the way around and over the pitch to give it an indoor calcio flavor.

The Elephants were divided into 3 teams, Old Geezers (me), Medium Aged Gentlemen (Jason) and Young Pups (Brandon and Matt).

Behind brilliant goal tending by Lucky and by sneaking in a 9th player at times, the Old Geezers defeated the Medium Aged Gentlemen. I'm not sure of the final score but 1-nil always seems appropriate in these calcio games so let's run with it and say it was 1-0 Old Geezers.

Game 2 was a ho-hum affair between the Medium Aged Guys and the Young Pups. In a wild one, the Medium Aged Gentlemen won by a sore of  I'll say... 2-1 with Matt scoring a goal for the losing side.

The final match was no contest, the Old Geezers used equal doses of guile, skill, craftiness, intelligence and rules breaking to come out on top by a final of... how does 3-1 sound?

Claudio showed up dressed as a Color Wheel

The Medium Aged Gentlemen

The Old Geezers
Champions of the Elephant Calcio World

Eduardo Gulisano and Homer "Il Duce" Simpson

Eduardo, Pony and Ika's oldest son, was recruited to play for the Young Pups but it was not enough in their loss to the Old Geezers.

Pre-game and nobody is smoking?

Neon Green matches my eyes don't you think?

I'm 61 years old and I'm about to play in my first calcio game EVER! I just hope I don't get broken and have to limp through Paris and London.

Tournament MVP Lucky in goal and me playing a center zone defense

Note that I actually have a foot somewhat off the ground!

Davide giving the ball a boot!

Jason sporting his Aunt Jemima look in honor of his love for pancakes.

Game 3 vs. the Young Pups

We're in orange now and sneaky Matt is lurking near our goal. To give them a chance Lucky is in the field and Davide #52 is in goal.

Check out the Harley with the Rio Mesa Helmet Wings!

After the game, Laurie and I joined Brandon for one last run to Jonathan's for a pannini and a Fanta. It was delicious as expected.

We saw this very chic motorcycle parked nearby.

Wouldn't you know it, the Harley belongs to Davide!

Now this is the way that ALL team owners in ALL sports should travel.

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