Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Last Lunch in Aci Castello

My last full day in Aci Castello started with a walk into town to get a last haircut before the flight to Paris and beyond. 

Luigi and his 4 year old son Alberto

Since Giorgio was busy setting up the shop for the day, Luigi cut my hair. It was a good cut as always.

Calcio Mania

Someone even painted this mailbox to look like a Catania calcio game jersey. 

Blew out a flip flop...

... Almost, we were on our way to Giulio's summer house when Laurie almost lost her treads.

Aci Castello's Fascinating Ionian Sea Water Polo Court

Catania's top water polo team practices here from time to time. They warm up by swimming to Aci Trezza and back.

That's Aci Trezza in the distance.

Warm up?
Giulio, his Mom, Matt and Brandon

The Castle is only one patio away from Giulio's place.

Fabio Scuto and his broken leg join us in our discussion of world politics.

"Mangia, Mangia, Mangia..." one last time!

Quite a collection

Giulio's nephew Pietro, Giulio's  sister Rafaela and Laurie

After a GREAT lunch, we retired to the patio for nice afternoon of sun, air and witty repartee.

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