Friday, February 15, 2008

Typical Scenes of Catanian Life

LUIGI CHALLENGE: Four down, and a mere 44days to go.

LAURIE IN ROMA: 13 days, isn’t that less than two weeks?

Thursday was beautiful! We got up late, had breakfast on the patio, got a little sun and then went down to the Dorm to see the boys.

The three of youngsters went to the University to work out while I decided to try to upload some picture but continue to have problems. Jason has shown me some of his sweet Margaret techniques to perhaps make the blog like my pictures and cooperate.

I walked around the Dorm’s neighborhood for a bit and then hooked back up with the boys at Ernesto’s for a quick meal down by the beachfront promenade. The three pictures I posted today are of interest to me.

The first is of men playing a card game in a small park. This is a very typical scene in Catania.

Next you will see the doorway to the Mario Litrico Driving School, you don’t think drivers like these are just born do you? I hope Matt takes this as a hint to get over his deep seated fear of driving in Catania and signs up for a refresher course. Like all great things, driving skills must be taught and passed on from generation to generation by men like Mario Litrico…“Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!”

The final scene is also very typical here, “Young Love on a Vespa” It was Valentine’s Day after all, so I thought a little romance was needed.

Ingredients are the key to healthy Italian cuisine. I know it is an American staple, but the jar we have here says the ingredients are peanuts, salt and sugar, no preservatives. I think they are on to something with this natural ingredients only idea!

Our night practice for the line, linebackers and running backs was a good one! There was lots of competition and greatly improved effort and hitting by the defense players. We’re moving in the right direction. We had to celebrate at Jonathon’s, I had the cipolata pannini with patatine on top, very tasty indeed after a good practice.

As I write  this I am by myself in the 4th story stairwell of the Dorm’s internet café. I am in total darkness and it’s almost midnight…way cool!

Still no internet at home, I’m now at the Baia Verde Hotel paying to use their service. Our lives would be both easier and happier if we ever got hooked up at Malibu. I know, Gustavo, 10 days…

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