Saturday, February 23, 2008

Catania Saturday

The Elefanti's new ad campaign that is sweeping Catania starting today.
Note the football between the knees of our mascot, that is a football isn't it?

Brandon and I at the Havana Club last Friday before
"The Incident".

I only bought two this time.

Two Curva Nord Calcio Catania crazies just chillin'.

Laurie In Roma: FIVE more days, YAHOO!

The day started with a phone call from Jason at 8:45 a.m. that he and Matt missed their flight (why am I not surprised?) and would make the next flight that puts them into Catania at 2:30 p.m., a half hour before Saturday's practice. They made it and had a good practice thank goodness.

Our defensive team is starting to come together. Our third linebacker, Salvo, showed up for the first time this year. He was the Elephant's best linebacker last year but has not been to practice as he has been studying for his final exams to graduate from college. Salvo lacks knowledge of what we are doing but his skills are evident and he is very aggressive! Salvo, Pino and Gianmarco make for a VERY solid core to any defense.

We have seen five or six accidents in the streets, not counting the Night of the Shattered Glass, and all of them have included a murdercycle, imagine that!

P.E.T.A. will not be holding any conventions in Catania in the foreseeable future. The mature women here love to wear their fur coats when they go to church on Sunday's or if they are going out on the town for an evening.  


Brandon said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog while searching for a menu or some information about Cucina Isabella. I drove by it and thought it looked like some good eating and now after reading your posts about it, I have to give it a try sometime.

And after reading the Cucina Isabella posts I started reading your other posts and really enjoyed them. I'm a sports nut and blogger and I'll be checking in to see how your team is doing and to enjoy reading about Italy.

Cheers and good luck!

George said...

Glad to have you on board! Say hello to Gino and Connie for me the next time your at Cucina Isabela. Could you play nose guard for us?

Brandon said...

I'd love to play nose guard for you. Just get the plane ticket ready for me, my wife and my new baby, find my wife a job as a physician there and then teach me how to play football. Yeah, as big as I am, somehow I never played football. Probably should've.