Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tough Night

Before going out last night we were invited into our offensive guard Giulio’s home because we were sitting outside of his apartment door in the 4th story stairwell picking up somebody’s internet signal. Giulio lives in the same building as Brandon and Matt. Their apartment is on the ground level and this sitting on the stairwell technique is as close as we currently are to anyone having internet at home. The picture is of Giulio’s two nephews, Sebastiano and Pietro who were there for a family get together.

The three day Festival of Sant’Agata concluded last night. The crowds were huge, it took me 20 minutes before I found my parking spot of the day, picture, illegal but acceptable. We walked around the town and Festival, pictures, and ate a huge dinner near the Piazza Duomo. I think this meal being cooked on the grill in the picture was the last straw for my lower intestine, I had a long and eventful night of trying to sleep.

The yellow candles are sold to people to light up and carry around as a sign of penance. The W S. Agata confetti pictured is all over the place, the W is really two V’s standing for the word Viva.

Upon returning to Brandon and Matt’s apartment, we did the usual, we talked football. We discussed concepts, play selections, things that both the offense and the defense reads at pre-snap and most importantly the things we need to do to make us a better team. This discussion took us deep into Wednesday’s early morning hours. Which reminds me…

In 1347 A.D., a Sicilian monk by the name of Luigi of Caltanissetta was commissioned by a very powerful and cruel nobleman from Palermo to create a beautiful illuminated manuscript, picture, of the four gospels. He gave Luigi 45 days to finish this task. Normally it would take at least three months to finish such a Herculian labor. Under threat of torture and death if he failed to make the deadline and working day and night to avoid this Draconian measure, Luigi did indeed finish the manuscript on time. As a byproduct of his stressful workload he also set the current Sicilian record for most consecutive days, 48 (he was a little bit of a party animal already), of never waking up in the morning one day and going to bed that same day sometime in the evening.  My current streak in this pursuit is at 33 days. I have decided to honor Luigi’s memory and if I get close to his mark, tie it and then stop. I think his name and record should not be broken by anyone but a 100% full blooded Sicilian.

Practice tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the University for WR’s and DB’s.


kat said...

Must be neat to participate in the Lent festivities! Hope all is well George!! Sure seems like it =)

mdantuono said...

Glad to see Caltanissetta is famous for something else beside my family leaving there.