Thursday, February 7, 2008

Second Income

If you haven't done so already, go to Jason's blog for his takes on our experiences. He is very funny and very creative with his vlogs.

CHASING LUIGI: The streak entered it's 34th day this morning.

I meet Laurie, mia moglie, in Roma in 21 days!

I am getting over a slight bout with Mussolini's Revenge, picture, nothing too serious thank goodness.

Many of you have expressed concerns over my possible weight gains due to the great food we are eating and to my overall health with our, as Jason calls it, 34/7 lifestyle. Don't worry, tutti stai bene!

To help fill in my empty hours, I've started a part time job as a pizza cook, picture, at a small pizzeria in Aci Castello. Last night was my first night and the boys came over to support me. Brandon was my first satisfied customer but I may have put too much cheese, picture, in his calzone, "I do not know?"

Good practice last night working on goal line pass concepts. We improved but still have a long way to go.

We got shut out on tickets for this Sunday night's Catania-Inter calcio game. Maybe we'll try to scalp some ducats that night. FORZA CATANIA!  



DPLassen said...

I know you're not writing a political blog here, but I'm curious -- any reaction you're seeing or hearing to the fall of the Italian goverment? It is, after all, a fairly rare event -- probably won't happen more than two or three more times while you're there.

Too bad about the soccer tickets. Hope someone comes through for you.

George said...

Governments here are like the cannoli, good but only in moderation. When in doubt just switch to gelato.

Joe said...

George, nice apron. you look god in red.