Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things I Saw Today On My Aci Trezza Walk

All of these pictures were taken on my short, approximately one mile walk this morning in Aci Trezza on the way to our daily cappuccino and Nutella cornetto. Amazing things are happening daily in Sicilia!

Take a shot big boy and grab her hand!

How many Sicilians does it take to paint a boat?
One to actually paint the boat and four of his friends to second guess him.

Jason tries to move in on the old guy's action.

What were the odds of running into a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus walking in Aci Trezza?

For a split second he thought I was Ernest Hemingway.

Discreetly look over your right shoulder, is that tall, quiet girl looking at me?

Does Steve Gama know about this?

Grooming is the key to success with the ladies.

I bet you I can tip this car over in 5 seconds flat!

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