Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sicilian Faces

Jason is GREAT with a Mac computer rivaled only by California’s heralded champion Brian FitzGerald! He is working his magic this morning with the videos I promised about yesterday’s Sant’Agata Parade. Please refer back to Monday’s post soon to get a feel for this grand festival.

On a very sad note officials in Catania cancelled today’s scheduled “Jason Johnson-Welcome to Catania Parade” due to the use of quotation marks amongst other issues. Please go to Jason’s blog for the detailed press release about this sad turn of events.

Practice last night was a break through for the Elefanti Bambini secondary and linebacking crew. I love it when a plan starts coming together!

After practice it was back to the office for some last minute computer work. Jonathan’s for a quick panini and then home for a very early 1:00 a.m. bedtime.

We walked into Aci Castello for the obligatory cornetto and cappuccino breakfast this morning. Now it is off to Catania for the third, final and reportedly craziest day of the 2008 Sant’Agata Festival.

Instead we drove the coast road north driving through a series of very interesting towns ending up in Taormina. It was as beautiful as ever and we can’t wait to take the wives there.

Today’s pictures are of random Sicilians from the last few days both friends and interesting strangers.


gnulio said...

Coach i'm waiting for the cell number of my next girlfriend....

George said...

Her number is 3474911299, call her tonight.

George said...

Her number is 3474911299, call her tonight.

mitsurugi78 said...