Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Search of the Elusive Siracusa Orangeman

Who ordered this?

Fisherman in Siracusa.

Young love in Aci Trezza.

Che's influence is everywhere!

Old boat in Aci Trezza. 

Listen to the big guy!

Surprising choice of subject matter for a statue in Sicilia!

Outside of the Siracusa Cathedral of Santa Lucia

The very hard to find intersection in Sicilia, one with both streets named!

A rare daylight sighting of Brandon and Matt outside the ruins in Siracusa.

They start kids young on gelato addiction in Siracusa!

Kids being kids in Siracusa.

Laurie in Roma: Nine more days, isn't that a single digit number?

The four of us drove to Siracusa today to watch Jason video the epic search for the elusive Siracusa Orangeman. He kept asking random people where we could find the Syracuse Orangman. It will be on his Vlog soon, check his site in the next few days, it will be hilarious, trust me!

No practice today, so our trip was the highlight of the day seeing old buildings, a cathedral, people watching and eating at several tavola caldas/gelaterias. We are duty bound to keep the economy growing!

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