Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Scenes of Catania on a Rainy Thursday

A typical and, of course, beautiful Sicilian courtyard street entrance.
This is the street sign that leads you to "Malibu".
We live on a private road to be sure.

This is Catania's Hall of Justice.
For awhile I thought I might be spending a significant amount of time here.
Thank you again Davide and Gustavo!!!

Matt is in Roma with Jason today but I'll bet he is still eating a nutella cornetto as you read this.

These stone masons are actually helping to restore an ancient building in downtown Catania using original carving techniques.
On my walk around town today I saw this new billboard. I ordered four of them on line and they should be here by Monday. I wonder what I bought?

Agip is one of the big gas station chains in Sicilia.
You have to love a company that has a six legged, fire breathing dog for a logo!

This translates as "Danger of Death", I stepped on it anyway.

Sometimes you just have to take the law into your own hands! Here a citizen takes over as traffic cop for the real one on coffee break in the background.


DPLassen said...

The real surprise here isn't the citizen filling in for the traffic cop ... it's that there was a traffic cop in the first place!

George said...

Traffic, what traffic?